Have No Ideas For Gifts? We Have You Covered

Madelynn Foulkrod
Staff Writer

 As December approaches, the craze of Christmas shopping does too. Although this is an exciting holiday season to many, it’s safe to say that Christmas gift shopping can be very stressful.

Credit: Reader’s Digest

  Each winter, the people who celebrate this holiday search frantically for the perfect presents to give their loved ones. Even though thinking of what to get a loved one may seem like a chore, it surely doesn’t have to be.

  As they say, “It’s the thought that counts.” This quote caters specifically to the giving of gifts. Even though some do have their expensive tastes, most people will be appreciative for practically any gift. 

  DIY-ing a simple Christmas card or baking goods for a loved one are just two of the cheapest and sweetest gift options for your loved ones. Decorating a card sweetly with arts and crafts materials like buttons, macaroni, glitter, and Christmas colored trinkets can really make a card pop and reflect the effort put into it. 

  Making a dessert for someone could also be delightful, but it is advised to ensure the person receiving it doesn’t have any sort of allergies that could be triggered by the treat. Some good dessert options are cake, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, or candies. 

  If choosing to bake a dessert for someone, making it Christmas themed could be a fun idea to evoke some joyful Christmas spirit. Just a few interesting concepts for a Christmas themed dessert are gingerbread-man cookies, candy canes, or pastries in the shapes of stockings, trees, and other Christmas themed objects. 

  But if arts and crafts or baking isn’t an option, there are other just as great alternatives. These ideas may require a bit of spending money, but if this is an issue there are always less costly choices available.

  If shopping for a certain person, keep in mind what their favorite things are. For example, if they like a certain TV show, get them a piece of merchandise for it. 

  Maybe even give them a blanket of their favorite color, or a piece of clothing that suits their fashion style. Making a gift sentimental is one of the best ways to make someone happy on Christmas day. 

  There are more generic gift ideas, though. Purchasing a loved one something that they may not be able to afford often or have the time to enjoy could be a nice gesture.

  Candles, bath salts or soaps, perfumes, lotions, and other luxury items may be an exciting present for someone who doesn’t get a lot of time to spend caring for themselves. 

  What the best thing is to give someone for Christmas really depends on that person’s unique personality. However, as long as there is thought, effort, and care put into a gift, it will be special and make Christmas a wonderful experience for them.


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