ASB’s Future Plans

Natalie Freire

ASB starts off the year with new ideas to make this year great.

Taken by Natalie Freire

   Our ASB board  has many exciting activities planned for us Diablos throughout this school year. The Welcome Dance is just one example of the fun that ASB will bring  and the kind of ideas that get diablos all pumped up for this school year.

    For now, their main focus is the Homecoming Dance. At Mission Viejo High School, the Homecoming Dance is on Saturday, October 6th. When asked Allie Casarietti, Commissioner of girls athletics,  about the planning of the dance Allie said,“We have lots of moving parts right now.”

    ASB is in charge of picking a theme for all of our dances which include Homecoming, Winter Formal, and of course, Prom. If you haven’t heard the theme of our Homecoming dance this year, it’s all around the world. With Homecoming just a few weeks away, ASB has been busy working on the decorations,  the Homecoming pep assembly, and spirit week.

     The Homecoming halftime show, which will be happening the day before the dance, is being practiced often. The upperclassmen are going in the MPR or Little Gym every Tuesday during tutorial to practice the routine that was put together by Reagen Kirby, one of Mission Viejo’s Pep Squad, Varsity Song Captains. While the under class men are going on in every Thursdays.

    This halftime dance will be performed on October 5th during the Homecoming game on Missions field.

    After asking if ASB is doing anything new or  different from last year, Allie replied with, “This year we are introducing something new for Homecoming week and are doing noon time activities.”

    Another activity that is being thought out at the moment is the Mission Armed Forces game and pep assembly. Homecoming week is to be thought of as an exciting week making everyone eager see ASB’s amazing ideas put out into action.

    Besides homecoming, our ASB has been trying to strengthen their class council program. ASB is trying to make that a bigger part of our school government so that they can have the student body’s feedback.

    After asking another one of our freshman members, Riley Cooke, about ASB she said, “ASB is super fun!” Riley also added that ASB is also in charge of planning pep rallies.

    Spirit days and football games are just some other responsibilities of ASB. When you’re at a football game, just think of all the hard work that ASB is putting in to make them so much fun.

    Our future spirit days are known to be exciting and fun. Going all out is important for supporting ASB with what they do.

    The posters that are put on the walls are always a  reminder of what’s going to happen soon. So in the future , if you ever want to be up to date with the upcoming events just look for the posters that are hung around our school campus.

    ASB is so much more than what has been mentioned, so diablos, give a huge thanks for all the hard work that they put into making our school a fun place to be.



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