The Most Fire Student Section in the OC

Sydney Wilks

 Formerly known as BSA, MVHS Inferno is an organization run by mostly seniors who are trying to boost school spirit at MVHS.

    Their main goal is to give our student section a second coming of sorts, and promote the love we all have for our school. Along with that, they’ve been continuously encouraging the idea that they’ll be the voice of the student body outside of ASB, if nobody else will.

    Much of the student body only knows Inferno from their undefined, unclear message of change from the year previous, but there’s much more to this movement than meets the eye.

   Diego Monico was a junior when this all started and was an avid supporter of his senior friends initiating the transformation. Now a senior himself, he’s become the one who’s spearheading this movement, altering the previous and not-so lovely opinions on what Inferno stands for.

    To put it simply, Inferno wants to promote a positive change in the student body, enhance fellow classmates’ experience at football games and school events and help students know that it’s acceptable to share your concerns out loud.

     MVHS has always been known for our exceptional football team, and that may be the school’s downfall because the majority of students think “Our football team is the best, so what’s the point of having spirit?”. This mindset is exactly what Inferno wants to change.

    Inferno wants MVHS to be widely known as not only having the best football team in OC, but the “hypest” student section as well. Their goal is to be exactly as lively as Carlsbad High School’s student section, or something as similar as possible to that.

     They (the organization) have had several meetings with ASB over the summer discussing ideas and laying out all their concerns on the table. They agreed on allowing Inferno members to lead the fight songs and cheers within the student section.

     However, this did not go all to plan. During the Santa Margarita home game, the Inferno kids were cussed at, had water bottles thrown at them and threatened to be kicked out by security. They were painted as the villian for wanting to lead some simple student cheers and have a good time.

     Inferno members felt defeated and upset, having been promised they were allowed to do their best to bring a little bit of life to the student section. Many of them felt unsafe and like outcasts in their own school.

     Since then, they’ve requested meetings with administration and Mrs. Ryan, along with a lengthy email sent as well. While a response was being waited on, Inferno promoted the student body to wear all black to the Upland High School game.

     Inferno wanted to support the team’s new full black jerseys and helmets. In tandem with that, they refused to lead the school cheers, contributing to songs only be led by the cheerleaders.

    The conflicting information confused students and the majority wore white, only leaving about ten to twenty people actually in all black.

     However, this small setback won’t stop Inferno, as they have the bigger picture in mind. One football game that could be considered a bust doesn’t mean anything to them in the scheme of things.

     Whether you agree with MVHS Inferno’s actions and what they stand for or not, it’s safe to say this organization is so much more than purple-wearing upperclassmen trying to spark drama for what seemed like no reason.



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