Isabella Seccia: A Life of Contradictions

By Breanna Huynh

An insight look at the life of Isabella Seccia, member of the class of 2022 at MVHS.

    “Cool cats and squished rats,” quotes Isabella, a freshman at Mission Viejo High School. Known as Bella to all her friends and family, her quirky, cheerful personality will brighten anyone’s day.

    She is the oldest child in a family of four, having a younger brother named Alessandro. Being an animal lover, especially of dogs, she sadly doesn’t have any pets due to the terrible events leading up to the death of her two dogs, Sweetie and Daisy. Sweetie had digestion issues and Daisy had an infection.

    Besides being an animal lover, Bella’s life is dedicated to dancing. Starting at the age of two, Bella began dancing ballet, moving on to character dancing but prefers ballet over other styles of dance. She used to go to the American Ballet Theatre, Gillespie and Southland Ballet Academy but ended up quitting dance due to her busy schedule.  

    For that reason, Bella’s love of dancing and cheering led her into becoming a member of the pep squad, more specifically song. She’s currently on the MVHS JV Song team and participates in the ROP dance class. Her biggest accomplishment is dancing with the Mariinsky ballet dance company and the ABT Gillespie.

    It was her first performance dancing with a company as well as being the youngest one to be selected and getting to perform with some of the best dancers in Europe. Although dance and cheer is a major part of her life, Bella is dedicated to her studies, striving to become a pathologist.

    Like most of the students at Mission, Bella hopes to finish high school and attend college. Her first choices would have to be University of Irvine, Oregon State or the University of Hawaii.

    Portland, Oregon is, in fact, one of Bella’s most destined places to travel, having been to most of Europe throughout her life.

    Her favorite place in the world is either Amsterdam or Barcelona. Last summer, she went on a trip around Europe and visits there frequently, usually once a year.

    When asked to describe herself, she answered that she is an ambivert. At a first glance, she seems quiet and shy. However, once you get to know her, she becomes more extroverted and loves to talk. One interesting thing about Isabella is that she’s a believer in zodiac signs. Born on the thirteenth of August, her astrology sign is a Leo and her moon sign is Cancer.  

    Her favorite food is poke, mainly crab and seaweed. The same goes for beaches. She likes to go to the beach and walk around but doesn’t like to actually go in it because she doesn’t know how to swim.

    Her favorite genre of music is a mix of indie pop/folk, which includes artists like Billie Eilish. Halloween and Christmas are her two favorite holidays because she loves to decorate.

    Other random facts about Bella is that she’s afraid of the dark, loves German shepherds, and wanted to become a chipmunk after being obsessed with Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    Having many favorites, Bella’s biggest pet peeve is when people bend their fingers. In fact, she hates fingers in general. It disgusts her and she flinches whenever someone does it.

    Through and through, Isabella Seccia is a fun and cheerful person once you get to know her. She may seem shy and quiet on the outside, but her bubbly and humorous side will leave a smile on anyone’s face.


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