(Butter)flying Through The Season

By: Rachel Soo

Photo Credits to Mission Viejo Dispatch

Kicking off the season with MVHS Swim.

    When water is on your skin, you feel colder.

    Scientifically, this is because water is usually always colder than your overall body heat, and so you expend heat to try to warm it up. As a result, you lose body heat more quickly, and you’re colder when your wet than when you’re dry.

    Practically, however, it really just sucks for the MVHS swim team.

    But their resilience is impressive, and judging from the results of the first swim meet, the season looks promising.  

    On Tuesday, February 19th, the team had their first competition against Laguna Hills High. Results were pretty even, but overall, Mission came out on top.

    Starting with the girls team, the Varsity level came away with a big win, crushing Laguna with a score of 111 to 54.

    The Open level didn’t have the same luck, but it was a close race with only 25 points standing between them and victory.

    Although JV didn’t have an opposing team to compete against, they still raced, and they have plenty of time to get faster.

    These swimmers endure intense training – nearly 18 hours a week (and only because more than that is against regulation).  

    The girls are led by Coach Teresa Sorenson, or Coach T, whose passion for the sport exceeds almost anyone’s.

    With morning practices three days a week, and in the water training six days a week, these swimmers certainly have their hands full.

    The boys also competed in a heated battle for first at their first meet. The varsity team lost by only 12 points, a super small gap in terms of swim.

    Open boys didn’t take home a win either, but they still have time to improve their speed and technique.

    They’re led by head coach Andrew Garcia, who is also an oceanography & integrated science teacher at MVHS.

    They work very hard, practicing at least five days a week, with three morning weight sessions, and swim training every day that vary by level.

    The team spirit is also a huge aspect of Mission swim. Even though swimming is generally seen as an individual sport, at Mission, that is far from the case.

    Each race wins points that contribute to the overall score of the meet, so it’s important to swim well in order to help get our teams to number one.

    On meet days, teams host a team breakfast during tutorial, where swimmers can go and eat a healthy, carb-filled meal that helps to boost our energy during the meet later that day.

    But one of the most genuine aspects that demonstrate the unity within the team is the constant encouragement that makes its way around.

    After, and sometimes before, every meet, a stream of encouragement is sent through the girl’s group chat.  

    Sophomore Gaby Macias says “We did a great job guys! We are an amazing team and I’m so glad to call you guys my family” after a particularly hard race.

    It’s a difficult sport, but a fun one. The season has just begun, so look forward to some more great swims from the Mission Viejo swim team!


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