First Memes of 2020

The memes that will decide the fate of the meme community for the rest of the year.

Photo Credits: Ranker

     The meme community makes memes out of the most controversial topics like World War Three and the Coronavirus. The so-called meme community is a bunch of people usually on Reddit who wants to have a good time and make fun out of controversial ideas. Usually, there is no ill intent towards people it’s just for fun.

     First memes of 2020 and the most popular meme so far are the World War Three memes. People say that it is the first meme of 2020 and maybe the last. 

      James Charles a youtube celebrity decided to have some fun with the meme but after he made a post about it he received tons of backlash. He posted a tweet saying “When the government knocking on the door for the draft” followed by four pictures of him dressed as a female.

     Other influencers brought light to this meme such as Pewdiepie in a meme review. The subject of the meme is serious but the community bonded over it and just wants a fun time.

     For example, the text reads“Me laughing about the World War 3 memes when I get that draft letter” with a side by side or a guy being happy and the guy crying.

     World War three memes don’t have any specific format to it, The meme is also slowly but surely fading away. It also only has been about a month since the meme surfaced so it goes to show how jumpy the meme community is.

     Another popular meme that came about is the plus 25 Uno card meme. It is a write ur own card and it would say something you would not want to do or plus 25 cards. For example, “call or text your most recent ex or draw 25”.

     One of the popular memes now is the Coronavirus. Even though it is a real disease. It does not have any specific format but it is a widely known meme that spread quite fast globally.

     Another meme that is relevant right now is SpongeBob by a fire with a piece of paper. The meme is formatted into four quadrants. The first one is just a blank paper, then the second one is SpongeBob looking at the paper. The third one is sponge bob throwing the paper into the fire then lastly he warming his hands in the fire.

     All of these memes show that memes flow in and out of relevancy on the internet. Anything can change in an instant when it comes to the meme community.

     All of them have their time to shine but comes with a downfall like we are seeing in WW3 memes. The memes will never stop rolling in with every new idea that comes five more in the meme community.


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