Diablo Dispute: It’s “Knott” A Bad Idea To Visit Knott’s Scary Farm

Eja Fromm
Co-Editor In Chief

Love mazes? Rides? Frights? An overall spooky and  fun time? Then visit Knotts Scary Farm!

Credit: Westcoaster.net

     Knotts Scary Farm has always been a classic attraction for Southern Californians. People enjoy the thrill of visiting Knotts at night and engaging with the Halloween spirit. 

     The Halloween event consists of 27 nights of screams from September 16th to October 31st. They open at 7 pm and  stay open until 1 or 2 am, depending on the night. 

     Due to the pandemic, it has been a year and a half since the last time Knotts has hosted this Halloween fright fest. People truly missed the thrill, therefore it has gained a great amount of attention from locals. 

     Some may argue that it isn’t even worth going because of how busy it has been. It is understandable that a crowded environment can make the visit unpleasant, however, why not visit the park on a weekday or Sunday? There are way less people than there are on Saturdays and Fridays which means more rides and less lines. 

      Others who are against the theme park argue that the ticket prices are overpriced. Put the pandemic into consideration and how they were shut down for over a year. Knotts faced an immense amount of economic struggles with the absence of visitors from the holidays and summer. 

     They advertised the terrifying theme park attractions with eight new mazes, five sinister scare rides, yummy Halloween themed foods and much more. 

     Many visitors are attracted to their maze themes. New ones this year include Mesmer: Sideshow of the Mind. This appealing maze dives into the eerie enlightenment of the human mind. 

     From the depths of an abandoned wax museum lies another new maze: Wax Works. This one spins off of a plastic surgeon who creates a Frankenstein type of doll made from molten wax and “ human flesh.”

     The mazes are designed to get the visitors adrenaline rushing, and they do a great job at doing so. It’s truly thrilling to walk through thick fog and anticipate a monster jumping out and scaring you. 

     A visit to Knotts wouldn’t be complete without one of their famous treats. Knotts offered their famous Boo-fet this year for an additional $40. The “Boo-fet” is an annual buffet they have for Knott’s Scary Farm that offers plenty of perks. 

     The perks to this is munching with monsters and enjoying their classic Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken, boysenberry pie, and much more. The other advantages include early entry to mazes and rides.  

     Additional treats that can be found located around the park include the Murderous Midnight Funnel Cake, Decomposing Taco, Petrified Pizza Burger, etc..

     The Murderous Midnight Funnel Cake is visually and tastefully appealing. The cake includes eye and teeth gummies on top of a red strawberry drizzle. 

     This year, there’s nowhere to hide from the infamous scare zones. The ghost town features ghosts lurking through the thick fog, along with creatures that are half human and half animal. Guests are guaranteed to get lunged at by one of those alarming creatures. 

      On the other side of the park, the Boardwalk is filled with clowns in the CARNEVIL scare zone. If one makes it through that, they will be greeted by the Witches of the Hollow. 

     Lastly, through the thick fog lies gothic creatures hiding in the shadows and waiting to quickly emerge. 

     Overall, there are many frightful attractions that are definitely worth a visit.   


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