Rebekah Choi
Staff Writer

     Coming back from the pandemic, Mission Viejo High school has finally put on their very first and long-awaited play of the year titled Clue. The play Clue is based on the board game and tells the story of a complicated murder mystery. 

Credit: MVHS Drama

     Our very own drama class in Mission Viejo High school pulled off what everyone seems to think was an excellent show. Including the students involved in the drama, one participant quotes, “Clue has been a great experience to work on!”

     Students in the Drama program claim that it is a fun and inviting environment to be in. A student claims, “Drama is where you learn a lot of new stuff and make lots of friends, and it’s where people are really accepting.”

     The story starts out as the main character Wadsworth, brings six people into a mansion. But all six people have been blackmailed by a man named Mr. Boddy. The only way to have Mr. Boddy drop the charges of blackmail is for someone to murder Wadsworth.

     As Mr. Boddy leaves, he is suddenly murdered, so now the story begins as the audience has to figure out who murdered who. In the end, everyone was a murderer with one FBI agent in the group of people, who takes all the evidence that he found and takes everyone away.

     The actors and actresses’ skills were able to tell an amazing story with their actions and tone. Most people would think that a high school play would be a little cringy or not worth seeing, but the acting was very professional and seemed very realistic. An audience member claims “I feel like Clue was made for the audience to be enveloped in the world the characters are in.”

     The play by itself was written in a very intricate way to make sure people didn’t know who was the murderer, or who everyone really was. It was an excellent way to keep people entertained, one person saying, “It’s a great way to keep people on their toes.”

     Students who worked on the play obviously put their heart and soul into it. An interview with a drama student claims that practices would take place during classes and tutorials. And after-school rehearsals would last from 3 pm to 5 pm or later. Their hard work evidently paid off as they executed a wonderful performance.

     The play Clue was a play that really aims to connect characters with the audience and make them feel like they were there with them. It is an invigorating experience that people would thoroughly enjoy.