We’ve Been Waiting An Eternity: Marvel Eternals

Shahyan Pour Teimour
Staff Writer

Just over 2 years after the announcement at San Diego Comic Con 2019, Marvel Studios’ Eternals has dropped. Here’s what you should know..

Credit: Marvel Studios “Teaser” Trailer

      Marvel Studios’ Eternals has finally been released after it’s long awaited pronouncement, and with the budget of 200 million dollars, and 281 million dollars made as of Sunday, November 14, 2021, there are mixed feelings to say the least.

     To sum up the story, the Eternals, consisting of Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Gilgamesh, Druig, Phastos, Makkari, Sprite, Kingo, and Ajak, are a group of immortal, supernatural beings that were created for the sole purpose of protecting worlds from these monsters called “deviants.”

     These “deviants” want to destroy Earth, and the Eternals are supposed to act as a guardian angel for the planet.

     After being on the world for 7000 years, by the year 1521, the Eternals have grown exhausted of their mission. Their leader, Ajak, tells them that the deviants have all been eradicated, and that they are free to live a normal life on Earth.

     Fast forward to present day, the Eternals had not seen a deviant for the past 500 years, until now. What they do not know, and find out later in the movie, is the even bigger issue. A new celestial is being born and will destroy Earth completely. Now it is up to the Eternals to decide if they are willing to let 7 billion people die for 1 celestial.

     Putting their 200 million dollar budget to work, Marvel has not ceased to amaze the audience with their stunning visual effects and CGI once again.

     Although Marvel has usually been known to be a universe made for hard core fans, laid back fans, and even grandparents, this movie would not support that statement entirely. Here’s what I mean.

     Eternals is a 2 and a half hour movie, with lots and lots of exposition. Very rarely have the Eternals been referenced before in the Marvel universe, if at all, so it can be justified that explanation would be needed. 

     Additionally, this Eternals movie is a key movie for the next phase of Marvel, as it sets up/opens the door for the rest of the Marvel universe movies, like Black Knight, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and Blade. 

     What I’m trying to convey is, if you are a laid back Marvel fan who watches whatever new movie is out, this might not be the movie for you. Not to say there is no action, but there is more exposition than action.

     In short, director Chloé Zhao did well in producing a slower paced movie rather than the average blockbuster Marvel film. She was successful in setting up the next movies in the universe, and opening the door for many possibilities. 

     Last but not least actors Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, and others played their role well in this slower paced, but still action packed Marvel movie.


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