Soheil Khatib Ghavami
Staff Writer

Credit: Internet Archive Blogs

Recently across America there has been a widespread school districts banning books. There were around 330 reports of book challenges last year and they are currently still being challenged. However books should not be banned or even be challenged for many different reasons.

Books should not be banned due to the fact that the reason we got our freedom was to be able to have the freedom of press and speech. Therefore we should be able to have more explicit books available to the public. The argument is that children shouldn’t be exposed to such content and there is an easy fix: manage what your kid is reading.  It shouldn’t be the author or schools fault that those books are available to be read, it is a much easier fix to just watch your kid than try banning the book entirely.  Furthermore, if a school is teaching a book that you do not want your child to read you can opt them out and have them separately be assigned a different book. 

Another reason why books should not be banned is because if a book is being taught in school then it is probably beneficial to at least learn some of the concepts of the book. Just because there might be inappropriate things in a book doesn’t mean that they should be repeated. Kids should already know what’s good and bad. The books can be really good because they might make a kid even more interested because they feel more grown up now. As long as they’re taught not to repeat the things they hear in the book that are bad, the books are actually very good for their education.  The books can also help them mature at a faster rate for their age.

In conclusion, we should not be attempting to ban books and we should stop trying to make them a negative influence instead of the positiveness that it could bring. Therefore we should keep reading the books that we are assigned and not be childish or immature about it.