The Best Things Come in Three

Breanna Huynh
Feature Editor 

Why Trio Friendships Are the Best Types of Friendships

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     In a latest study published by the American Association of Friendships (AAF) last Friday, it was found that those in trio friendships were 73% happier than people in duo friendships, 62% happier than people in quartet friendships, and 82% happier than people in solo friendships. The study also revealed that those in these types of friendships were more likely to be more productive, improve their sleep cycle, and are generally more pleasant to be around. 

     While some may argue that three people friendships will not last, they are wrong. Below, the following list, backed up by the AFF, outlines the positives of being in a trio friendship and why contrary to popular belief, they do work and are profoundly better than any other types of friendships. 

  1. The “other friend” 

One of the best parts of having two friends is that in an academic setting, you know not only one, but two people you can work with on projects. However, there’s nothing better than being assigned a partner project and being excluded because you know deep down that your two other friends are closer than you’ll ever be. 

       2. The more the merrier  

Everyone knows that more people = more fun. This, of course, applies to friendships because one more person in your friend group will bring in more laughs and more memories that can be made. There’s no doubt that adding another person in a duo friendship will add in another person to laugh at your jokes and to have someone witness the memories you and your other friend make. 

       3. Can act as a bodyguard 

Don’t know where to walk? Well, in trio friendships this is never the issue. Whether you’re walking on a sidewalk or a narrow path, one person will always be trailing behind them like a little puppy, trying to listen in on the conversation. This is perfect because now you don’t have to endure the awkwardness when wondering which side of the road you should walk on like how duo friendships are. 

       4. Get more alone time to reflect on life 

Being known as the “other friend” and a bodyguard is all good, but what really makes trio friendships the best is that you get more free time to yourself. For instance, walking alone on the sidewalk, being left alone in projects, or riding a roller coaster alone allows you more time to reflect on your life and studies show that when one has more time alone, they can lead better lives. 

       4. Can be the glue that holds the friendship together

One of the best things about being in a trio group is that when both of your friends are in an argument, you can act as the middlemen and keep the arguments and fighting alive by being the one to communicate between the two. It’s always fun having the feeling of being important because without you, both of your friends would have to communicate with each other and work things out as opposed to relying on you to relay their message. 

     Based on the study’s findings and these reasons, there is no doubt that trio friendships are one of the best things to experience in life. If you ever find yourself in one, remember to cherish that moment and the amazing memories you’ll make.


This is an April Fools’ article.


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