Sophia Haque

From left to right: Skyla Davis and her friends Shelby Mills, Grace LaMarre, and Bella Maldonado at Mission’s 2018 Back to School Dance.

Students hopped back into the new school year at Mission’s 2018 Back to School Dance.

     Mission’s 2018 back to school dance was on Saturday, September 8th. Students were expected to wear their class colors; Freshman: black, Sophomores: white, Juniors: yellow, and Seniors: red.

    Tickets cost a whopping $20 and came with a class shirt. The night was very casual and fun-filled. Most students do not ask someone to be their date at the back to school dance.

    After interviewing multiple students about music, it was clear they believed that the DJ from the dance needed improvement.

    Senior Romina Dagher says, “I wish they would have played more dance music,” because of the lack of bops necessary for a good time. She believes that ‘Yeah!” by Usher, “Fireball” by Pitbull, and “Yeah3x” by Chris Brown are some popular classics.

   Possibly “DJ Griff” recommended Gabriel Malik.

    Although, Sarell Ming, MVHS’s art commissioner, said the music was “great” and found it “awesome how hard ASB worked to make this event super fun!” Sarelle also added that by the time they got there, the food had run out, so there was only water.

    Anna Parks also suggested that there should be “more things to do if you didn’t want to dance.” Booths and food could give off fun carnival vibes and provide as an alternative to dancing. These booths could also raise money for programs at our school.

    Janae Sperling believed that “freshman seemed overwhelmed while us seniors had fun.” On the other hand, freshman Skyla Davis said, “The dance was very entertaining! I loved how it was 3 hours instead of 2 like middle school.”

    Sophomore Abbie Gardner describes the night as “fun, loud, sweaty, and memorable.”

    After interviewing Tanner Spree, a senior who was injured at the dance, I was given the complete opposite answers. “Not many people went, the music was not good,” and “I did a backflip, and someone hit me mid-flip, and I landed on my face,” says Tanner.

     Possibly why there is a “no moshing” rule at our school dances now.

    Mr. Zides decided to add the saying, “Keep it classy, never trashy!”, to our school days because of the many supposedly dressed code girls.

     Tanner ultimately does not recommend doing “backflips in the middle of a mosh pit cause you never know if you’ll get hit.”

   These school dances are amazing to attend because there is a good energy and you can hang out with friends and make long-lasting memories.