Wrapped Up In Controversy! Soft Shell Tacos or Hard Shell?

One of the most debated topics in the world, one that has driven relationships between lovers, families, friends apart! What is the truth in this topic? Which is better? Find out down below!

 Among all the controversies in the world, none are so vicious and debated as hard taco shell versus soft taco shell.

    Okay, obviously it is not as hot as a debate as pineapple pizza or gender inequality, but nonetheless, hard shell tacos versus soft shell tacos is one topic that places many people at odds with one another.

    However, despite some people’s claims that hard shell tacos are better than a soft shell, they are simply mistaken, since soft shell is the superior choice of wrapping for a taco.

    This is why.

    Firstly, hard shells taste okay. They are not amazing, they are not anything special. It is a corn tortilla in a horrible shape. They are a complete sham.

    Softshell tortillas are much more fun, as they are more pliable and easy to handle. They also have a better taste to them, and add more to the taco as a whole.

    Secondly, hard shell tacos can become stale. When they are stale, they are even more unpleasant to eat. There is also an unusual taste to them that is uncomfortable.

    It is comparable to eating stale chips. Maybe a bunch of toppings can make it better, but in the end, is it really worth it?

    On the other hand, soft shell tacos do not become stale. One does not have to worry about their weird tasting, tough taco if it is a soft, nice tortilla. Why sit through a stale tortilla when one can have a nice, non-stale tortilla.

    Thirdly, a hard taco shell does not do well when eaten as leftovers. Overnight in the fridge makes the taco lose a lot of its crunchy factor. It becomes a weird semi-soft shell that is not very fun to eat at all. It simply feels more… depressing.

    Does a soft shell taco suffer from having their outer layer being semi-soft?

    No, because it is already soft and so they never have to face the humiliation of losing the quality of their shell.

    Fourth, taco shells are delicate. They break so easily. An example is when someone gets tacos at a drive-through.

    If they get the hard shell tacos, then there is a possibility that they could be broken on the drive home. Either from accidental rough handling or some mishap, that person can open the bag to find their taco, broken. Sad.

    On the other hand, if someone gets a soft shell taco, then they do not have to worry about whether their taco will be broken or not, because it cannot be broken. It is too powerful.

    If these top reasons were not enough to sway people’s opinion, one also has to consider the fact that hard shell tacos cannot fit as much.

    The way the taco is shaped can cause things placed on top to fall off. It rolls down the slope of the taco and either falls on the table, falls on the tray, or even on someone’s lap. That is so depressing and annoying because it can easily get messy.

    Soft shell tacos would not play people like this. People whose condiments fall out of their soft shell tacos do not hold it properly, because it needs to be cradled, not manhandled.

    Of course, in the end, sometimes people cannot be swayed from their desires.

    Nonetheless, hopefully, this convinced some people of the correct taco shell, and if not, then that is saddening news, but understandable.




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