Photo Credits to Tripadvisor

By Gigi Hernandez

Whether you are on a budget looking for a getaway or are ready to spend what you’ve got, here are a couple of the best places to visit over Winter break.

    There’s no doubt that December is the season for your family to come together and bond in front of the crackling fireplace in your cozy home.

    However many families love to explore new locations over winter break now that their kids are out of school.

    The small city of Big Bear is the place to go for the winter! Snow Summit Ski Resort is an affordable and memorable place to hang out with your family.

    To buy a ticket entrance for the whole day a child from age 5-12 pays approximately $28-$32, a teen ages 13-17 pay $58-$65, and an adult pays around $71-$79.

    The prices do vary depending on the amount of time you want to spend at the resort, there is always a half day pass that you could purchase!

    For the ski/snowboard terrain, you could either bring your own or rent them out at the park!

    A childs one day ski/snowboard standard rental comes out to $32, an adults standard ski/snowboard rental comes out to $41.

    But wait there’s a catch! For beginner rental the price reduces. I recommend ordering the tickets online because there’s a 20% discount, and check up on their specials.

    For others who are laid back and enjoy walking around, Big Bear Alpine Zoo is an ethical rehabilitation sanctuary for wildlife that  have been injured, orphaned, or imprinted.

    You can expect to see black bears, grizzly bears, foxes, wolves, owls, and other little critters.

    They’re open daily from 10am to 4pm and the last entry is at 3:30. Children 2 and under get in for free, children ages 3-10 pay $9, adults ages 11 and up pay $12, and seniors 60+ pay $9.

    Agrat learning environment for kids

 At Lake Tahoe Action water sports is full of family fun! although the water is quite chilly during the winter, there is still tons of activities to do while not getting too wet.

    Parasailing is one of them! Enjoy the beautiful view of Taho while being hundreds of feet off the ground.

    For a 500’ flight that would come out to $75, and a 1000’ flight would cost $95, not too bad for a beautiful experience.

    After a day of activities it’s lovely to camp on the lake grounds, drinking hot cocoa, and roasting marshmallows!

   But who can’t forget to visit Disneyland and California Adventure over winter break! During the holidays Disney gets a makeover.

    At the end of main street stands a 60 foot tall christmas tree lit up by thousands of little lights, their famous haunted mansion also takes a spin.

    As we know, the attraction is based on the film The Night Before Christmas, which make the decoration replacements blend in perfectly.

    The Christmas Fantasy parade, night magic, fireworks, and much more are a couple of memorable sights.  

     Overall these are a couple of the best places to visit over winter, make sure to enjoy your family moments and definitely the break off school!