Dear Prudence: Advice Column

By Nicole Burns

Won’t you open up your eyes? Prudent advice from a high school sophomore.

I feel like when someone doesn’t respond to my text, they hate me. How do I stop?

    Have you ever watched your phone ring or light up with a text, but you were in the middle of something so you didn’t respond right away? It works both ways. Sometimes, it’s just not that deep. I know being a chronic overthinker is pretty much a hobby these days, but you have to acknowledge that sometimes people are busy and they’ll get around to your text when they have time.

How do I manage school and emotional stress?

    I was about to ask you the same exact thing.

How do I actually manage school and emotional stress?

    Truthfully, there is not one correct answer. But some methods for this stress include: staying organized, spending time with friends who are healthy for you, not procrastinating, going to bed at a reasonable time every night, not spending too much time on social media, not wishing that you could be as ‘perfect’ as you perceive certain people to be, making time for fun, and trying to put daily things into your life that refresh yourself (ex: watching netflix if that’s what you need, eating ice cream, meditating, etc.)

    Although none of us actually do all of these things (well atleast not daily), putting good habits such as these into your life can make you a much happier and less stressed human being.

I already have senioritis, what should I do?

    If you have senioritis, you just wanna finish up and graduate right? You can’t graduate if you give up and stop doing your work. Down some Advil (Safely, don’t kill your liver), drink water, and suffer through the year like the rest of us.

I have a crush on this guy at school, but I’m always too afraid to say hi to him. What should I do?

    Be confident! I know it’s intimidating, but working up courage is really important.

    Just a quick “hi” during a passing period can show him that you care enough to take the time to acknowledge him, and it’s human reflex for him to say hi back. Once you do it, it’ll boost your confidence even more.

    And who knows, maybe your crush is just too afraid to say “hi” too. You never know until you try.

(NOTE: Know that it is cuffing season. People are in need of relationships right now.)

My friend makes me feel bad for something that I do and I told her I don’t like it, but she still does it… How do you know when to cut off a friend?

    A real friend would never shame you for being yourself. As much as you may like this friend, it’s obvious she can’t handle accepting you for the things you love or do.

    She may not understand that what she views as a joke is actually hurtful. Confronting her about whatever is bothering you could make her see how you’re feeling and could make her ultimately stop so that your friendship could hopefully resume.

    And if this friend still continues to hurt you after you confronted her about how you’re feeling when she makes fun of you for something that you do, it is time to isolate yourself.


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