Ideas for an Exciting New Year’s Eve

By Eja Fromm

Here are some ideas for those who are unsure how they will spend their New Years Eve.

    There are many options for celebrating New Years Eve. Here are some ideas to make this new year memorable.

     Hanging out with friends or family instantly makes this celebration exciting. Throwing a simple get together can be as fun as a huge party.

    Throughout the US there are many open invite events held every year. The most famous one is the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, New York. This traditional celebration gains national attention as it’s aired across the country and even has many famous singers for entertainment.

   Another idea is going out to dinner as plenty of restaurants may be open until midnight. Remember to make reservations because it’ll be a busy night.

    Throwing a party yourself isn’t difficult either. Make sure to include activities, food, and entertainment so people don’t get bored.

    There are a lot of options for fun party food. Something simple like ordering pizza is easy and will satisfy guests. People do not have to be creative or go all out to have good food.

    Speaking of food, throwing a potluck is something many will enjoy. For those who don’t know, it’s a get-together where everyone brings food. The host just provides a location with some entertainment.

    Some families have New Years traditions. For example, many families light fireworks or bang on pots and pans when the countdown ends. Starting a tradition is easy too and doesn’t have to be crazy.

    Some neighborhoods will have a block party filled with bouncy houses, games, food, and of course the neighborhood. Everybody can pitch in to help as well.

    For those who don’t feel like being social, they can always stay in. Just relax and not stress about hosting anybody.        

   Another option is having a few friends over. Everyone can celebrate by making as much noise as possible when the clock hits 12:00.

    If the weather’s nice, a barbecue is always good. However it requires someone who can barbeque and a backyard which isn’t hard to find.

    Some cannot bear the idea of the holidays being over, so throw one last holiday party. The guests can make hot chocolate and eat holiday cookies-nobody’s judging.

    This idea is risky due to it being winter but throw a beach bonfire. It is a free for all to roast food and enjoy the beach. Before sending out invitations for this, make sure it will not be freezing cold or pouring rain.

    Pajama parties are not everyone’s cup of tea, but go for it if you like that. Guests just wear pajamas and wait out the clock. This way everyone is comfy and still having a good time.

    Living in Southern California has its perks as many have a pool. Throwing a pool party is fun but check the temperature before you plan this. A heated pool means happy friends.

    Many hotels have events for the New Year. Some people’s parents will even dish out a small fortune to rent out a ballroom for a party.

    All in all there are many options for celebrating this new year. From going all out to doing nothing, make this new year count.


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