New Year, New Movies!

By Sydney Wilks

Photo Credits to Geeks Media

Say goodbye to new year, new me and hello to brand new movies making their way into theaters in 2019.

    With the holiday season ramping up and 2018 finally coming to an end (did you know there was an Olympics this year?), a slew of new movie trailers and release dates have come out.

    First and most importantly (if you’re a Marvel fanatic), the fourth Avengers movie is being released May 3, 2019. This movie is so badly anticipated that the creators have kept even its title under wraps, among many other things.

    Thanos has wiped out half the universe out of existence and is hiding out somewhere. Now the wait for our remaining heroes to pick up the pieces and return the world to its former glory is on. Shoot, was that a spoiler? Yikes, sorry!

    If you’re a fan of the Avengers, you’re most likely a Star Wars fan as well. Keeping with the theme of releasing the next episodes around Christmas, Star Wars: Episode IX will be released December 20.

    This movie will serve as the finale to the previous two and answer some of those ever-so persistent fan questions.

    Taking the top (and only) spot as the only DC movie Marvel and non-Marvel fans alike would actually pay to watch in theaters, Wonder Woman 2 is coming baby! Is everybody ready for our Amazonian queen to come back in November? Hopefully!

    Captain Marvel? Captain Marvel. As the local girl-power legend that may be putting Captain America out of business, Captain Marvel takes not only the spot as the strongest character in the MCU, but also the first female superhero in the MCU to make in onto film ever!

    Have you had enough of Tom Holland yet? Of course not! Which is why everybody’s more than ecstatic to see Spider-Man 2 coming out in July. Especially after his heartbreaking departure in Infinity War. Was that another spoiler? Whoops, sorry!

    Don’t worry though, the Marvel, DC (kind of), and Star Wars universe won’t be ruling all of 2019. For those who enjoy clown-horror mixed with humor, never fear! It: Chapter 2 floats (haha, get it?) its way to theaters September 2.

    Any children’s movies fans in the crowd? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, at any rate, to cut through the frankly serious and highly anticipated reboots and sequels are some pure children’s movies receiving reboots and sequels of their own!

    Since children and teens alike cannot simply “let it go”, Frozen 2 is making its way to theaters November 27. Who knows, maybe viewers will find out how Olaf stays frosty when it isn’t snowstorming anymore!

    Couldn’t get enough of the first Lego Movie? Well maybe, you really could have, but that’s not the point. The point is, The Lego Movie 2 and all their Minecraft-esque characters are coming back February 8!

    Everybody hold the phone, a live action Aladdin is being released and that means we’ll be able to witness Will Smith play the iconic genie. Don’t you wish this movie would come out before May 24?

    With Andy off to college, we all thought it was the end of an era. However, Toy Story 4 is all set to return June 20 as Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody reach for the sky to find Bo Peep and bring her back home.

    Can anyone tell us what the 40’s were like? Somebody, anybody? Well, at any rate, the originally 64-minute Disney short Dumbo is finally getting the justice it deserves and being turned into a live action film to be released late March.

    Remember The Lion King? Hopefully you have and still do, because a live action version of The Lion King is coming mid-July! From animated movie to broadway adaptation and now live action, this movie has come a long way.

    One of the most popular animated movie series of all time, How To Train Your Dragon, will reach its conclusion in March 2019. Hiccup is now a grown man with a beard that would put Steve Rogers to shame (no shade though!).

    It also seems as though Toothless is getting himself a girlfriend. As it turns out, he wasn’t the last of his species. Cuffing season can be any season, right guys?

    Although 2019 may seem like a long time away (and it really does, you’re not alone), there’s a plethora of movies to be looking forward to and many more that weren’t listed here. There’s going to be something for everybody.

    If all else fails, and you really dislike movies, there’s always a bingeable series on Netflix or Hulu.


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