Nice to Meet You, I’m WINter Sports

By Rachel Soo

(Photo By Jeff Antenore, Contributing Photographer)

Freeze, literally! Mission Viejo winter sports aren’t something to be missed!

    “MVHS sports” – when you look that up in a Google search browser, the first four results that appear are schools, and they’re listed as follows: Mission Viejo (that’s us, go Diablos!), Mountain View, Murrieta Valley, and Monte Vista.

    On Yahoo, the schools listed are Metea Valley, Mountain View, Mount Vernon, and Mountain View again. Bing is the same.

    Clearly there are a lot of MVHS’ out there. But, as is commonly known, Google is the greatest of all search engines, and Google puts us first, in our rightful place.

    Mission Viejo High School is great at many things. Academics? Yup. Music? Yup. Athletics? Yup- wait, no- that’s a double yup.  

    From football to track and field, from soccer to swimming, Mission has it all. But which sports have been chosen as today’s spotlight? Subjected to the cold, California winters, where days are much shorter than nights, if you said “winter sports”, you’d be correct! has all the answers (that’s google’s first result for ‘MVHS sports’ by the way). Hover over the “winter sports” tab, and you’ll find six lucky winners: boys soccer, girls soccer, boys basketball, girls basketball, boys wrestling, and girls water polo.

    Starting with girls soccer, they’re beginning the season with a promising start. Last year, according to Volume 52 of El Viejo, they made it all the way to CIF, with a total of four wins and eight ties out of 20 games. This year, they have three teams, Frosh/Soph, Junior Varsity, and Varsity, competing for number one.

    Boys soccer ended strong last year, making it to round two of CIF and leaving a record of seven wins and three ties out of 18 games. With a Frosh/Soph, JV, and Varsity team going at it again this year, it’s certain that they’ll go far.

    With five teams, Freshman, Freshman 2, Sophomore, JV, and Varsity, big things should be expected from boys basketball this year. After all, making it to CIF last year with 52% of their games ending in a win is no small feat.

    Varsity athlete Zack Gald said this when asked about the upcoming season: “I can’t see the future, but I felt like we are cutting down the nets sometime soon.”

    Girls basketball has the traditional three teams this year, and after have had five wins last year, they hope for a big comeback.

    Boys wrestling tied their wins and losses last year, going three for each, and although wrestling may not be a big sport, it’s certain that they have big things in store for this year.

    Lastly, girls water polo, the perfect sport to play during the coldest months of the year. After having downsized considerably from last year, we’re hoping that the Frosh/Soph and Varsity teams can pull through and come out on top.

    One of the captains of the Varsity team, Camielle Underwood, said, “This season I am looking forward to winning a lot of games and getting closer together as a team […] we need to work on being more confident when we shoot the ball in games, but overall we work really well together.”

    You heard it here first, folks! Fresh off the press! Grab your popcorn and a drink from the snack bar and hold onto the bleachers – get ready for a thrilling season of winter sports!


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