Ways to Give Back

By Sophia Haque

Kiana Ghaemi volunteering at a shelter helping to get dogs adopted!

Acts of Kindness That Really Give Back!

    With holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah coming up, many people are feeling spirited and the need to give back. During the holiday season, many people believe that it is important to give back.

    These acts of giving can include the community, friends, and family. Considering the current state of our world, a little deed can make a large impact. Even if it only affects one person.

    Helpful ways to give back can be as big as making a donation or small, random acts of kindness. Although being generous this season seems like a must, you should attempt to be doing this as often as possible, throughout the year.

    Some people may ask why even bother to volunteer or give back to the community. Everyone in their life has received help in one way or another. Whether you realize and accept this fact, or not, is another thing. Therefore, you should give back too.

    As a result, people have a somewhat, not always obvious, debt to repay. Things you may have not realized were helpful deeds could be a classmate taking the time to explain a topic more clearly to you, your sibling taking time to drive you to a friends house, or your mom making a special homecooked meal.

    Although you may have neglected the fact that these were somewhat small, helpful, deeds, it can fuel the motivation for you to give back.

    Some ways you can give back to the community is by donating and/or volunteering. It is really important to help and support those in need when you can. Sometimes all it takes to flourish is a little push of support which you could help provide.

    With all the recent fires in California, many families have been displaced and are in need of basic necessities like food, water, and clothes. A local, nonprofit, organization you can donate to is the “California Community Foundation: Wildfire Relief Fund.” They will help provide families in need with donations which you could provide.

     With the holiday season near, Farrah Morris recommends donating to charities like “Toys for Tots”, “…that give presents and toys to children whose parents can’t afford to.”

    You could also possibly contribute to the community by volunteering. Popular places to volunteer are food banks, senior centers, shelters, and children hospitals.

    Somewhat smaller deeds that you can incorporate into your week, or even your day, can include helping your family with chores, leaving a note in your friends’ locker saying how much you appreciate them, and/or even baking sweets, like cookies, for your neighbors.

    Simple random acts of kindness like this will brighten their day, inspire them, and hopefully help de-stress. Helping you contribute to the creation of a positive, beneficial world.

    You never know who is having a tough day, and giving back/random acts of kindness really can go a long way.  

    During this holiday season, participate in things that help give back, so that when you are receiving it feels well deserved.


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