What’s Your Horoscope

Find out what is to come through your zodiac sign

photo credits to Natalie Freire

     Horoscopes are known to show your future and how it affects you, as well as the people around you. Your birthday defines which zodiac sign you belong to. Depending on your zodiac sign, what you expect this December will vary.

     An Aries, this month you may experience some difficulty with patience for other people. After the long and tiring journey of the year 2018 this month will become the tranquility you have imaged in your head. That may include finding the winning lottery numbers and winning millions.

    The December horoscope for the Taurus highlights many important points. People born with this sign will experience increase in their abilities. This month will bring lots of stress, so remember that you should finish this month peacefully.

     December would really help a Gemini build up their confidence and focus on a goal they would like to achieve. Your self esteem should rise and help point you to the right direction. A Gemini will finally be able to strut their stuff with confidence.

    This month, for a Cancer,  will help them realize that they are hard working and have been all along. Although there are benefits, you may experience betrayal connecting to someone you truly care about. It may be tough for a Cancer but they will get through it.

    Next month a Leo will face some challenges, but all will turn into good. The month of December could also give Leos a chance to reconnect with their family. They will deal with unfinished work but once its done it will fill them with much relief.

    A Virgo may caused to become more careful during December. You need to balance out your advantages and disadvantages. Most importantly you need to figure out what you want. But if you aren’t ready to receive then you must wait.

     Libras will pull themselves out of their comfort zone and decided what it is that they need to change in your life to become happier. This chance will come if Libras try to seek it. It may be difficult and frustrating at times with the people around them but clearing it up should be very easy.

   For a Scorpio, there is a chance that one of their  talents or skills could play a huge role in the month of December. A stranger that  a Scorpio meets might be an answer to what you have been searching for.An item that has meaning to you that has been lost may even turn up in this month.  

    A Sagittarius, may start the month of December with a little bit of negative feelings about an event and how it will plan out. There is a possibility that you will also make a new friend based off of something you both have in common.  

    December = Capricorn season!  December may help a Capricorn release some feelings they have been keeping hidden from them self and others. Capricorns will find someone that they trust and let all that they have had on their mind out. they will feel freedom once their emotions are finally out in the open.

    An Aquarius will find themselves concerned about the amount of money they spend. You may be lodging on something you would like to get that you don’t physically need but think it may make you happier. An argument can surface around the middle of December for an Aquarius. Be extra cautious and don’t say everything that comes to mind.

    Finally, for the Pisces, they will  realize that one of their past actions has affected other people. they might experience betrayal and a rivalry between two very close people.  Yet, by the end of the month a Pisces will or should have many reasons to celebrate.

    December will bring lots of joy and stress for all the zodiac signs but everyone should enjoy the joy that is brought for the mount of time it lasts.


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