Drake Under Fire for Talking to Underage Girls

By: Gabrielle Nicolosi

Well known rapper Drake, 32, is receiving backlash after a resurfaced video was released showing the singer touching and kissing a 17-year-old girl on stage.

Drake is under fire for a video in which he kisses, holds, and touches a young woman after he learns she is a minor. Many are questioning his intentions and his reasoning for continuing after learning her age.
In the 94-second video, Drake is seen kissing the teen on her forehead, hand, cheeks, and then lips. The video is a resurfaced clip posted by a Twitter user taken during a Drake concert in Denver, Colorado of 2010.
After Drake invited a teen onstage during one of his concerts, he began to make inappropriate comments, and touches her, while he’s aware she’s a minor.
Drake goes on to ask the girl her age and she notifies him that she’s 17- years old. In response, Drake goes on to say, “I can’t go to jail yet, man! 17? Why you look like that? You thick. Look at all this.”
After wrapping his arms around the fan while standing behind her he states, “I don’t know if I should feel guilty or not but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest.”
“It’s ok, I’m only 23,” he added. Many are concerned about his disregard for the fact that she’s a minor and doesn’t ask for consent before he carries on kissing and touching her.
He then carries on, kissing the 17-year-old on her forehead, hand, and lips, while the crowd erupted with screams. The video has struck controversy among fans of Drake as well as many who have seen the video.
Many claimed to feel uncomfortable and disgusted after watching the clip. One Twitter user quotes, “I’m so disgusted by his response after she said her age. No respect.” Another tweeted, “He keeps getting away with this too. It’s not the first time he’s been caught messing with underage girls.”
Drake’s publicly announced friendship with 14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown has also raised concerns. While on the red carpet, Brown discussed her friendship with 32-year-old rapper Drake.
When asked about their friendship, Brown quoted, “We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more.” When asked about the specifics of their messages, Brown replied, “About boys, he helps me.”
After being asked to elaborate further on the specific boy advice given to her by rapper Drake, Brown insisted that it “stays in the text messages”. The 18-year age gap between the two has made many have question if its appropriate for a 32-year-old man to be talking about boys and relationship advice with a young teenage girl.
Brown additionally called him “a great friend and a great role model” during the interview. These two incidents are spiking controversy for 32-year-old rapper Drake. Many say his behavior and language used with the two young teens is inappropriate.


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