Joji’s Conflicting Performance

By: Sophia Haque

PC: Sophia Haque and Kimberly Cortez at the Santa Ana, Observatory.

From Filthy Frank to Pink Guy, to Joji.

    George Miller has finally made the transition from “Filthy Frank/Pink Guy”, a comedic Youtuber with no filter, to the extremely talented singer, Joji. Joji has always shown an interest in music, clearly visible in “Pink Season,” an album produced while known as “Pink Guy.”

    Filthy Frank was George Miller’s alter ego on Youtube. He contributed to the creation of the “Harlem Shake” and many more iconic Youtube videos.

    After releasing the albums such as. “Chloe Burbank” and “In Tongues,” it was apparent that Joji wanted to expand beyond his Youtube limitations.

     After officially becoming a part of “88rising,” a record label, Joji was allowed to play with a more serious tone in music. Putting out songs such as, “Midsummer Madness” and “ Head in the Clouds” which collaborated with multiple artists also taking part in “88rising.”

    Joji’s most recent works, “Ballads 1,” was released October 26, 2018. This album included hit songs such as “Slow Dancing in the Dark,” and “Can’t Get Over You,” showcasing Joji alone. Some other artists featured in this album include “Clams Casino,” “Shlohmo & D33J,” and “Trippe Red.”

    After making the trending page on Youtube and reaching No. 1 on “Billboards Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart, Joji has become increasingly more popular. Ultimately resulting in the sellout of all concerts for the “Ballads 1 North America Tour.”

    Although Joji has performed several times in Europe, his first performance in America happened to be in Santa Ana at the Observatory. Tickets costing $20 for general admission and $90 for V.I.P.

    Doors opened at 6:00 pm for V.I.P and 7:00 pm for general admission. However, many fans arrive hours beforehand so they can be first in line and get the best spots in the house.

    Right as you walked in you could stand in line and support Joji by purchasing his merchandise. Most people, however, hurriedly walked to the stage area so they could find a spot to stand and settle down.  

    After waiting almost an hour for the concert to begin, and what seemed like a hundred “Suicide Boys” songs, it was apparent that Joji was very late. After many fans getting restless, Rei Brown, Joji’s starting act, eventually came out.

    Rei Brown played several of his original songs for everyone while playing the piano. However, it was shocking how long Rei Brown played for, having been that this was a concert for Joji. Rei Brown is very talented and overall pleased the crowd.

    After a round of applause for Rei Brown, he left the stage. Many believed it was finally time for Joji to make his appearance. However, fans were left waiting for another 30 minutes.

    As the lights suddenly shifted and the repeatedly played “Suicide Boys” tracks were pt to an end, it was apparent Joji was finally ready.

    Screams and cries of joy filled the room as Joji entered. Immediately getting right into performing.  

    Not only did Joji play new songs from his new album, but he also played songs from his past albums such as “Demons” and “You Suck Charlie.” Making his original fans feel nostalgic.

    It also was made apparent that there were multiple technical difficulties during the show causing Joji to become frustrated. However, Joji pushed through an finished the show with a band by performing “Slow Dancing in the Dark.”

    With a small, loyal following Joji has much to improve on, but plenty of time to fulfill. Overall, fans were left satisfied and happy after his performance. Ending the long, but exciting night, with a bang.


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