Is Valentine’s day overrated?

By: Natalie Freire

The people without loved ones would say it’s overrated, but the others could disagree

Valentine’s Day is a holiday about love. Many people around the world, in a relationship, are waiting to celebrate their connection on February 14th, also known as Valentine’s day. Those who are single during the month of February may dislike this day because it may make them feel as if they are lonely or they just think its unnecessary.

Although people may think they are alone, they really aren’t. Those that don’t have a valentine forget that they have their family. Valentine’s Day is also day to appreciate the ones you love, like your parents. Everyone is buying cards and candy for their siblings, parents, and grandparents to show them that they care and appreciate them.

Love is also a positive emotion that should be spread around. It is meant for any relationship such as the relationship with your siblings, parents, and friends. Valentine’s day is also a day where you get lots of chocolate, which we can all appreciate.

I’m not sure about you, but I have a sweet tooth that and I will accept any candy on any holiday. Valentine’s day is a good excuse to receive candy, such as the chocolate hearts with caramel in the middle, the hard heart candies that have the words “hug me” and “love you” written on them, and obviously cookies.

At the end of every holiday, stores have a sale from 50%-70% once that particular holiday has passed, only for the objects and foods related to that holiday. For example, those valentine’s day candy, stuffed animals, and mugs are on sale. If you don’t have a valentine this year, then buying yourself a stuffed animal or some candy could make this year’s valentine’s day enjoyable.

I know that valentine’s day can be disappointing sometimes. To feel better on this day, maybe going out to dinner with all your other single friends could help. Another benefit is that you can use this day as an excuse to dress up and go out to have some fun, alone or in a group. Does it really matter?

Despite what others say, there is nothing wrong with staying home on valentine’s day. You can’t go wrong by laying on the couch eating sweets, watching your favorite TV show or movie, and wearing comfy clothes.

Valentine’s day is about being with the people and things you love. If eating a gallon of ice cream while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy is your calling, then you should get going.

Everyone has an opinion on February 14th. Some people hate it while others can’t wait to celebrate. It is not a crime to remind others how valuable they are. It isn’t overrated trying to show people how much you care, love, and appreciate.


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