New Netflix Releases

By: Sophia Haque

These new shows and movies will surely satisfy your never-ending want to be entertained.

    As Netflix increasingly becomes more popular, better content is being released. Whether it be an old television series that has recently made its way on to Netflix or a Netflix Original. Netflix has been rapidly putting out hit shows and films recently. For instance, “Stranger Things”, “Bird Box”, and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” are all examples of some of Netflix’s popular successes. As Netflix gradually becomes a part of our everyday lives, it is important to keep updated with new releases. Below is a list of some of Netflix’s newest, highest rated and recommended content.

  • Comedy/Drama – Russian Doll: “Russian Doll” is a TV series revolving around main character Natasha Lyonne, and being trapped in a time loop on her 36th birthday. Similar to the movie “Happy Death Day,” however the show emphasizes her journey towards gaining a better morality. “The story really highlights the importance of companionship, the finale seeming to state that cycles of self-destruction can only be broken with the help of a companion,” says Forbes magazine. This state of supernatural portrayed through the time loop will allow for plenty of theories to surface, really causing your brain to question reality’s deeper meaning.
  • Drama – High Flying Sport: “High Flying Sport” is a film where “A sports agent pitches a controversial business opportunity to a rookie basketball player during a lockout.” It is fast paced, engaging and very real. It emphasizes the business aspect of professional basketball. This film is more like a documentary and most likely won’t appeal to most expecting mainstream media.
  • Reality – Dating Around: “Dating Around” is a reality TV show that encaptures blind dates and online dating, as well as the uncertainty surrounding them. A contestant on the show will go on five random blind dates. After the dates, the contestant will sit down, discuss the pro and cons of each date, and then choose a winner. The winner and the contestant will then go on a second (not blind) date and discover whether or not they want to keep dating.  Junior Jessie Kearn says, “This wouldn’t pick this as my first choice, but it’s a good show to watch while doing homework!”
  • Thriller – You: “You” is a tv series revolving around stalking. The show starts off with a manager of a bookstore and an aspiring artist who meet unexpectedly. What seems to start out as a innocent crush quickly turns into something more “sinister.” The manager quickly becomes obsessed with the aspiring writer and learns everything about her through social media. Going as far as removing “any obstacle –including people.” This show highlights how revealing social media can be. Sophomore Sarah Hobson says, “
  • Action/Adventure – The Umbrella Academy: “The Umbrella Academy” is an action-filled TV show having been that it is very unpredictable and full of excitement. “43 infants are inexplicably born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before.” A specific several are adopted by billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves who eventually creates the Umbrella Academy where he prepares the kids to protect and save the world. Junior Ethan Haque says, “The Umbrella Academy is a great show, as well as being really well developed and unexpecting.”

    It is always comforting to go home, watch a movie, and wrap up in a warm blanket, whether you are hanging with friends and snacking or just having a relaxing night alone. These new Netflix shows and films will surely satisfy your want to be entertained.


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