March Favorites

By: Giselle Hernandez

Photo Credits to Ashbam

Students share their favorite items, products, music, places etc. for the month of March!

    With these interviews from the students at Mission Viejo High School, you are bound to be intrigued by one of these favorites!

    Elias Wright, a senior at MVHS shared a couple of his suggestions for the month, saying, “I’ve been listening to JUICE WRLD often because I can resonate with the lyrics in his music, and it coincides with the weather at the moment”.

    Despite the gloomy weather, he has still been enjoying the rain, and eating candies such as chocolate kisses, which is a must  have while snacking, watching a show and burrowing away for the winter.

    Vanessa Basurto, senior, had a long list of things she has been loving this March! Having a thick and full set of hair can be a hassle at times.

    “Hawaiian leave-in conditioning mist by Alba Botanica and leave in conditioning cream by Palmers Manuka Flower Honey, Has really helped me tame the frizz and it keeps it moisturized”.

    Skincare is also important, especially due to the cold causing dry and cracking skin its essential to keep it moisturized and healthy.

    She says, “Trader Joe’s Rose water Facial Toner and their Nourish Oil-free antioxidant facial moisturizer have done my skin blessings! And For the clothing aspect, I’ve been really liking my navy blue disney sweater, yellow silk headband, and my white high top converse!”

    These are a few of the music favorites Vanessa has been listening to, brandy by looking glass, southern nights by Glen Campbell, Sister Golden Hair by- America, Brown Eyed Women by The Grateful dead, banana pancakes by Jack Johnson, bloo by Zack Villere, and Some by Steve Lacy.

    Jada Gutierrez, senior, says, “I love my new Champion hat, Fanny Packs, and Chipotle is my new fave!”. Despite the rain, she also loves drives to the beach!

    Emerson francisco, junior, when asked about her favorite food chain she replied,  “Philz coffee this month and Acai bowl CO. I forgot how much I loved Acai and the place by our school is fantastic”.

    As for Music, “Music is always fun. I’ve recently started listening to the ramones and they’re perfect, my teddy bear jacket has also saved me this month, the rain is nuts”.

    Nathan Burgess, also a senior, had quite a list to go off of, when it came to his favorite places to be, it was at the beach, Holy Jim, and His house. And his favorite clothing items are hoodies, vans, black jeans, and T-shirts, a comfy combination.

    He also add by saying, “my truck is my favorite item and I’ve been listening to classic rock frequently, “some of the artists I like are, Mr Blue Sky, Detroit Rock City, Can’t stop, and  free bird”.

    Lastly, Heather Marie from the senior class has been enjoying certain products that environmentally friendly, she says, “I purchased a glass and stainless steel straw from Mothers not too long ago, also my reusable bag, because it makes me feel good to know that I can make small changes that can help the earth! Also I love snacking on apples and celery with peanut butter!”.

    Each month has new things in store for you! Catch a suggestion from one of the students at Mission Viejo High and give it a go!


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