Packed Lunch Ideas

By: Eja Fromm

Photo credits to Eja Fromm

Alternate ideas to pack in your lunch instead of spending money on food. 

     From lunchables to sandwiches made by your parents with the crust cut off, there are plenty of options for bringing a packed lunch to school. 

    Many upperclassmen and their parents aren’t fans of paying for lunch everyday. Yes, going off campus with your friends to get Taco Bell is fun, but the cost of buying food everyday builds up. 

     There are many healthier options than fast food. For example, you can pack fruits like apples or grapes. You can also eat vegetables like baby carrots and snap peas. 

     For those who like their lunches fresh and cold, there’s a brand called Packit. They create a product which is a freezable bag that will keep you food cold for up to eight hours. 

     Leftovers are another good option to bring to school.You can put them in thermoses which will keep the food warm all day. 

     On Youtube, you can look up videos on what to pack in your lunch. For instance, there are plenty of different ways to make a sandwich. There are different meats you can use, and different types of bread. A sandwich can be as basic or fun as you want. 

     Pinterest is a great platform for finding interesting and unique ideas that are refreshing and fun. On a daily basis, there are new posts with creative ideas. People are constantly on the lookout for fresh and new ideas. 

     Another idea is to buy premade meals from the store, such as salads. Trader Joes has fun options like their Thai Style Citrus Chicken Salad or their Southwest Salad. In addition, places like Pavilions or Ralphs also sell caesar salad and a variety of others. 

     Some good snack combos include granny smith apples with caramel dip, Trail Mix, carrot sticks and hummus, and granola with yogurt. In addition, popcorn mixed with dried fruit is a great option for a midday or afternoon snack.

     I asked MVHS sophomore, Amy Iwanaga, what her favorite snack to eat at lunch is and she responded, “Cheez Its, granola bars, and fruit.” She also stated, “I know people that also pack full on meals like pizza and pasta in tupperware.”  

     Lets say your a freshman or sophomore who is really craving Raising Canes. For those of you with nice parents, they can drop off your meal in the office for you to pick up during lunch. Although this may be difficult considering many people’s parents work, you can also ask an upperclassman to bring back food for you. 

     Personally, I usually bring a turkey sandwich, energy bar, and an apple. Having a different variety every so often makes it less boring to eat the same thing everyday. 

     Mission having a designated lunch area has been a conversation for quite some time. Some people would prefer more tables to sit at rather than the ground or standing. Many believe that this way, less people would go off and spend money on buying food. 

     Overall, packing a lunch is a great way to save money and there are many different options to bring from home. 


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