Freshmen are Friends, Not Food

By: Halley Carson

Mission Viejo High School, full of thousands of unique people, boasts great diversity. However, one might argue that the biggest difference is the one between freshmen and seniors.

Pictured: Senior, Keilee Mori
Photo Creds: Halley Carson

     Coming up on the end of an era, the class of 2020 is frantically applying for colleges, studying hard, and doing everything they can to enjoy their last year at MVHS. In contrast, freshmen, only a few weeks into the school year, are still adjusting to the massive amounts of people attending high school.

     Hunter David Pogue, a previous student at La Paz Intermediate, stated that the biggest difference between Mission and La Paz is the “insane amount of people here.”

     Pogue is most excited for Winter Formal, since it’s the second dance and “because the girls ask the guys.” This year, he is participating in freshman football and baseball in the spring.

     When asked if he had experienced any embarrassing moments this year, Pogue laughed and recounted two stories, both involving our very own Mr. Zides. First, at freshman orientation, Pogue claims he was “forced to play a balloon popping game by Mr. Zides.” At the discipline assembly, Pogue remembered he was the only one in the entire room with no ID card, and Mr. Zides called him out (in a joking manner.)

     Full of aspirations, Pogue claims his goals are to “start on the baseball team” and “achieve straight A’s” for all four years at Mission. It is evident that with his work ethic in both sports and academics, he’s going to be just fine.

     Another current freshman at Mission, Allison Taylor Bushon is incredibly excited to “make forever friends” and prepare for her career.

     For middle school, Bushon studied independently, a feat few can attempt and fewer can succeed at. Surprisingly, when asked about the biggest difference between her middle school and high school, she didn’t even mention the amount of people. Instead, she brought up the fact that she used to work a full-time job, six days a week, that she had to quit to attend public school.

     A well-rounded student, Bushon is participating in agricultural science (hoping to pursue Future Farmers of America later on), art, and hopefully the lacrosse team in spring. Her main goal for school is also to maintain straight A’s all four years.

     It is clear due to her previous full-time job and self-motivated classwork that Bushon just might be capable of anything she puts her mind to.

     In contrast to these newbies on campus, Keilee Alexandra Mori has been attending MVHS all four years of her high school experience.

     Mori claims the moment she is looking forward to this upcoming year is “being done.” She hopes to attend her dream school, University of California San Diego to study ophthalmology.

     Keilee reflects on her biggest accomplishments: “Definitely the classes I’ve taken,” soon adding that she was named  MVP of varsity girls lacrosse last year. One of her coaches, Joe Testa, was a true role model to her. Mori states, “I’ve never heard him say anything negative.”

     Another person that has influenced Mori is Mr. Holley, her all-time favorite teacher. “I absolutely loved that class,” she states.

     Mori remembers her most embarrassing moment as a high schooler- slipping and falling near the flagpole. “The metal grates were really slippery and it was pouring,” she claims.

     The senior claims, “The thing that got me through high school was naps.” Advice she has for new freshmen include “Be yourself, stop trying to impress everybody,” and “Challenge yourself.” Evidently, Mori will go on to accomplish great things in her future and beyond.

     No matter what grade you’re in, Mission provides an environment where all students can become the best version of themselves. By taking a quick look into the lives of just three people, one can see how our students strive for their biggest passions.


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