Minecraft’s Major Comeback

By: Leila Alarcon  

Photo creds: Microsoft

The game with endless possibilities is endlessly entertaining. 

     Minecraft was first released on May 17, 2009 and became extremely popular. However, over the years people have stopped playing minecraft and have moved on to other games or have just grown out of that interest. 

     During this past summer, it started to rise to popularity once more. With more than 91 million daily players, it has become the trend on Discord, Youtube, and other platforms. This rise in popularity can be traced all the way back to July 8th, 2019 when the first “Revenge” Discord challenge was posted to Youtube. 

     Youtuber King posted a video on his channel of his Discord trying to say all the lyrics of Youtuber CaptainSparklez’s song “Revenge” without any mistakes. If they messed up, they would start from the beginning with the infamous lyrics, “Creeper…Awww man.”

     The same video was later posted to Reddit’s /r/YoutubeHaiku on July 17th, 2019. It gained mass popularity as many other people tried to complete the song all the way through, posting their own videos on many different platforms. The only one to have completed the entire song is Youtuber LeviRoyale. 

     The Revenge challenge led many people to revisit their Minecraft memories as well as other popular Minecraft songs. This challenge also lead to the lyrics “Creeper…Awww man” becoming a popular meme. However, the Revenge Challenge is not the only reason Minecraft has become popular again.

     Popular Youtuber PewDiePie also has a role in Minecraft’s popularity spike. On June 21, 2019, PewDiePie uploaded a video to his channel titled “Minecraft Part 1”. Since that video was posted, he has uploaded 30 Minecraft videos where his viewers cringe at his mistakes, despite him being a “Minecraft veteran,” and enjoy watching him discovering new things in his world. 

     PewDiePie has expressed his obsession with Minecraft before and his viewers aren’t complaining as they enjoy watching him play the game as well. In fact, every video he uploaded has reached the number one spot on youtube’s trending page. 

     His viewers have come to love the characters in his series such as Sven, his dog, all the Jorgens, his horses, Ula Brita, his cat, water sheep, his sheep duh, and more. Even though half his pets are no longer alive in the series, they stay with him and his viewers forever in their hearts. So many of his pets have died that it’s now a joke that any of the pets that become his “best friend” are destined to die. 

     Many memes have come from PewDiePie’s Minecraft series, and he has a whole Reddit dedicated to them. The Reddit was originally, and still is, for his LWIAY series where he reviews memes and rates them; but now the majority of the memes are Minecraft-related.

     PewDiePie has recently reached 100 million subscribers and fans are excited about his achievements. They were looking forward to his 12 hour Minecraft live stream that he promised once he hit the 100 million milestone. 

    Unfortunately, PewDiePie has already done this live stream, and if you’re like me you missed it because you were at school.

     Minecraft is continuing to get more popular by the day and everybody’s loving it. So if you find yourself bored on the weekend, considering visiting your old Minecraft world and saying hi to your pet dog who’s missing you dearly. 


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