Summer Homework Isn’t The End Of Your Life

Abby Burnam

Why summer homework isn’t just to make your life miserable.

   Have you ever thought that the summer homework your boring teacher assigned was just to make you upset about the fact that you have homework? Well, contrary to popular belief summer homework has many reasons behind it. 

   If there was no summer homework students’ brains wouldn’t be prepared to start the school year. Summer homework is just a prep for what is going to happen at the beginning of the year. Most students think that homework is a bore, time-consuming and or just busywork. Summer homework actually has reasons behind it. There are many reasons but there is one that really stands out. 

     About 36% of the knowledge of what was obtained in the past year was lost over the summer, according to the article Summer Learning Loss Facts and Slide Statistics. This goes to show that summer homework does have more benefits than just busywork to make you miserable.         

     Summer homework is very beneficial. Homework is assigned within a span of the whole summer, so the only complaining should be from the kids who waited till the last minute. The little homework assigned is also there to help with preparing for the school year. It is also good for students who need more time to do the work and to get a better understanding of what was given.

     All students should be doing homework but don’t want to because they connect homework with school and school is usually connected to the emotions of anger or sadness. The mind knows that school means doing things that you don’t want to do. For example, getting up in the morning and staying up to do homework or study.

     Summer homework is good for teachers as well. It gets the class going faster because the materials are connected with what the class would be doing at the beginning of the school year. This brings up another point, that homework is a head start and a review. Teachers assign summer homework so that they don’t have to reteach materials from the year prior.

     It helps students maintain their memories of what they have already learned. Over the period of summer vacation, important information can be forgotten, summer homework will help with keeping those important things relevant in your brain. It also keeps all of the skills learned up to the standard that is expected from the students coming back to school.

     The homework presents an important quality which is to show the teacher what kind of students they have. For example, if a student doesn’t do the assignment, their first impression is bad and the other way around with the students who did the homework. Summer homework also shows how educated the person is and how smart the student is coming into school.

     Students in the community should feel lucky that they even go to school and get an education. Getting an education is very important and no matter how much summer homework your teacher will assign, you still have to do it. Students shouldn’t be wasting their time nagging about homework, instead, they should be doing it.


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