The Resurrection of Senior Quotes

By: Amy Iwanaga

     When you hear “senior” you most likely think sarcastic and smart. After all, they have taken the most classes out of anybody on campus. Well, their wise words were once shared in yearbooks at Mission Viejo High School underneath their portraits. 

     According to members of the yearbook elective, senior quotes could be brought back to yearbooks this year after being banished four years ago. Many students in the class of 2020 are filled with joy after hearing this news.

     “Since freshman year when they got rid of them, I lost hope. I haven’t really been thinking of one,” mentioned Luca Russell, a current senior at MVHS. Now with the possible comeback of these often inspiring phrases, seniors are looking everywhere for the one they want under their picture in the 2020 yearbook.

     The yearbook committee decided to abolish senior quotes after they were becoming too inappropriate and not being turned in by the deadline. Collecting suitable expressions from every fourth-year student became too much of a hassle for all the hard work put in.

     Many seniors are involved in extracurriculars that are not mentioned in the yearbook because they are not associated with the school, so their senior quote is one of the main ways they will be remembered by their peers when in ten years they’ll be looking back at these quotes before their high school reunion.

     Some seniors are very passionate about senior quotes since yearbooks are passed out during the last week of school, and therefore are the conclusion to their high school legacy. “It’s the last impact that we have on Mission as we’re leaving and graduating, yeah you’re gonna look and see what your friends wrote in your yearbook, but that’s an impact on everyone’s.” Russell shared.

     The time for senior portraits and now possibly senior quotes can have the class of 2020 stressed along with their post high school preparations, however many seniors take it very seriously because this quote is how they will be remembered by their peers they’ll never see after high school.

     This quote allows them to give advice or a good laugh to the next wave of Diablos. While looking back at all the memories from the 2019-2020 school year, you get to be reminded of who you shared a campus with. 

     You may not realize it but everybody who graduates from Mission Viejo High School will be able to say “I am a Diablo,” with pride. 

     It is not easy being a high school student. With pressure about grades, clubs , and sports all looming over us, you will one day be able to say all your hard work was worth it when you go to your dream school, or get the job you always wished for. 

     Your senior quote is what you will always be remembered by after you take that journey into adulthood.

     Senior quotes can either be humorous or motivating. If they are brought back, the class of 2020 will determine whether or not the comeback of senior quotes will stay.

     This year is the trial run for attempt two at senior quotes. If this year is not executed successfully, the idea of senior quotes could become a joke for all Diablos, class of 2021 and after. 

     I encourage you to think of what you want your senior quote to be because having them brought back can close one chapter, as we begin another. 


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