MrBeast has come to the rescue

By: Abby Burnam

How Influencers are doing their part for the environment

     YouTube star MrBeast has teamed up with the foundation called Team Trees, a nonprofit organization funded by fans and other people who want to help out. The organization is to plant trees around the world.

      Many other influencers including Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and Jeffree Star have donated and are promoting this foundation to their own audience. Bigger people in the limelight are helping out as well such as Elon Musk, Susan Wojcicki, Marc Benioff, and Tobi Lutke. 

    These people have donated large amounts of money to show their support. Tobi Lutke has donated the most so far. He has donated $1,000,001 taking the top spot from Elon musk who donated $1 million flat.

     The goal of this project is to plant 20 million trees. As of right now, the community has raised over 15 million. How the site works is for every dollar donated one tree is planted. There have been over $15 million raised so 15 million trees will be planted.

      In Addition, $3 million was raised on the promotion video MrBeast made on YouTube.  In his promotional video MrBeast, his team and fans plated a little over 1,700 trees. Along with the other sponsors, Youtube is matching $1 million to every million donated from the fundraiser on YouTube.    

      With the YouTube donations and the site donations, the goal of 20 million donations is very close to being reached, but there is a deadline. The deadline is January 1st, 2020. MrBeast started supporting Team trees late October so it is safe to say people support MrBeast enough to help what he is passionate about.

     This all came about when MrBeast hit 20 million subscribers he would plant 20 million trees to celebrate the milestone. The process started in May of 2019 and was publicly launched on October 25, 2019. 

     MrBeast partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to make this possible. The Arbor Day Foundation is one of the longest and largest-running tree planting NGOs and they have the same 

     The donations go directly to the Arbor Day Foundation and the trees will be planted in a variety of forests throughout the world. There will be a variety of trees planted but will be a native species of trees to that area.

     You can donate to team trees by going to their website The options to donate are 5, 20, 50, 100 trees, or you can set your own amount. 

     Another way to help is buying the clothing that they are selling to promote the foundation. The hoodies run for $50 and the shirts are $25. Aside from the merch and the actual website you can donate from YouTube, Facebook, and Tiltify fundraiser.

     MrBeast is so influential that other YouTubers are trying to do the same kind of thing. MrBeast is taking a step in the right direction to raise awareness for deforestation and this also goes to show that influencers have the power to make a difference for good.


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