Restaurant Review: Diho Siam

By: Ethan Haque

Photo credits: Facebook

Is Diho Siam a gem hidden in the rough? Do they have fantastic food worth raving over? I’ll be reviewing everything about the restaurant from the menu to the service. 

This Iconic restaurant has been around for a very long time serving both Thai and Chinese cuisine. Diho Siam gets a strong 4.7 out of 5 even though I have some personal biases this restaurant is really unique and has been serving the community for many years. 

Diho Siam has been around for the last few decades and isn’t going anywhere. They are an interesting restaurant as they have two different menus, one for Thai and one for Chinese cuisine. This restaurant has been a staple to the community and hopefully will continue far into the future. The rating for this restaurant will be broken down into three categories: service, food, and overall ambiance of the restaurant. 

Now onto the review of the restaurant, I was quickly greeted by some of the most friendly staff. Through my meal, they continuously asked if I needed anything and were extremely accommodating for the most part. The servers also work together, so they all ask if they can get you something, and this is probably due to how small the restaurant is. I would give their service a 5 out of 5 a perfect score as there is little more they can do to improve. 

The service was excellent, but the most important part of any meal is if the food is any good. In fact, I think that it’s delicious, but if you’re not accustomed to the flavors or a picky eater, you might not like a good amount of what’s offered. 

I ordered the Panang curry with chicken at spice level 5. It was excellent, and for the price, you’re getting quite a lot of filling food that is delicious. The curry has a good flavor and has this lovely aroma that hits you in the face. Excellent food overall. They even have this spice rack they will bring out if you ask for it, and you can add as much spice as you like from all the different types. The food I would easily give a 5 out of 5 as they really do have some delicious flavors and the price point is prime. Last but not least, the ambiance of the restaurant. 

The restaurant is old but has had some updates over the years. It’s small and has a lot of character from all the choices for decor. It has an excellent feel, and I have personally always enjoyed how the restaurant looked. Some people might find it to be old looking, but I think it adds character to the space and makes it unique. This is a strong 4 out of 5 stars as it really is a nice looking restaurant but lacks a more modern feel that so many like. 

This restaurant is a must-try if you enjoy either Thai or Chinese food. The overall rating for this restaurant came out to be a 4.66, which I just rounded up so it received a 4.7. It got this score as it did hit almost every check. The restaurant has its own special little charm and has fantastic food that is affordable for most. If you go, I recommend trying something that is usually out of your comfort range or just trying something new you never know you might find something you absolutely love . 


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