Los Angeles Dodgers Win The World Series!

Eja Fromm
Sports Editor 

The Dodgers finally took home a World Series Championship for the first time since 1988! 

     This past baseball season, the LA Dodgers took home a World Series Championship after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays. All 6 games were played at Globe Life Field, in Arlington, Texas. This was the first time they only played at one field since 1944 because of the global pandemic. 

     The first game took place October 20th. The Dodgers took the victory that game with an 8-3 win over the Rays. This was a big confidence booster as they attended the 2017 and 2018 world series but didn’t win overall. 

     Their lead in game one was sparked by Cody Bellingers two home runs almost immediately. This was insane because just two days prior Bellinger had popped his shoulder out of its socket.

     In the fifth inning, the Dodgers got six runs against Rays pitcher Tyler Glaslow. 

     The second game occurred on October 21st, and the Rays took victory. The overall score for this one was 6-4.

     Blake Snell hit the first home run off of Dodgers pitcher Brandon Lowe, giving them their first lead for the series. Joey Wendle doubled in two runs during the fourth inning to extend the Rays lead to 3-0. 

     Corey Seager from the Dodgers hit a home run in the eighth inning and set the record for most home runs by a shortstop according to mlb.com.  

     During game three, held on October 23rd, the Dodgers conquered that game with the final score being 6-2. Justin Turner started off the game with the first home run, which resulted in him getting tied with Duke Snider (former LA Dodger) for the most postseason home runs in Dodger history which was 11 according to wikipedia.org.  

     Rays pitcher, Charlie Morton, was removed from the game after four innings because he allowed five runs on seven hits and one walk, which gave LA a big lead. 

     It’s understandable that these players are under a lot of pressure and don’t play to their full potential because of the stress and anxiety the Series brings. It definitely isn’t easy for the players having a huge crowd watching and judging their skills.

     Game four was given to Tampa after they pulled through with a one-point win, making the score 8-7. Justin Turner for LA hit the first home run in the first inning for the second game in a row. 

     This game was the first game to end because of an error for the first time since 1986. The error was Muncy (Dodgers) cutting off a throw from outfield, and his throw to Will Smith bounced off Smith’s glove, allowing Arozarena to dive safely into home base. 

     The Dodgers defeated Tampa in game five with the end result being 4-2. The Dodgers got the early head start in this game leaving Tampa to try to catch up. 

     Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, achieved the record for most postseason strikeouts. This was also Kershaws 6th World Series he has attended. 

     Finally, game six came around and the Los Angeles Dodgers were declared the World Series champions after beating Tampa Rays 3-1. 

     The Rays started off this game with the first solo home run by Randy Arozarena. In the sixth and eighth inning, the Dodgers bounced back by scoring two points from runs. In the eighth inning, Betts hit a home run making the Dodgers the final winners. 

     The MVP of the series was Corey Seager. Shortly after, it was released that Justin Turner tested positive for Covid 19, however, he still attended post championship parties despite his results. He is currently being investigated by the MLB. 

     Overall, it was a long awaited win for the Dodgers as they definitely deserved this victory. 


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