A Comprehensive Guide on How to Have a Bad Year: 2020 In Review

In January:

     We start off the year with the assassination of Iranian Army General Qasem Soleimani (what felt like years ago). Due in part to the event that was stated previously an impeachment of President Donald J. Trump was held but subsequently failed. Meanwhile there was an extensive amount of bushfires in Australia threatening hundreds of species into extinction, and the death of former Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said. The end of January was rather eventful as well, with Brexit starting and the death of the beloved basketball star Kobe Bryant.

In February:  

    President Trump got acquitted, minor accidents like sewage leaks and the like, a mass shooting in a Milwaukee area brewery area involving five employees dead, and minor discord of a new disease called COVID-19.

In March:  

     The month started with an air strike in Turkey from Syria that killed 33 Turkish soldiers. On March 6, a suicide bombing incident occurred in Tunisia the same day 30 people were killed in Kabul. 

     A prison riot erupted in Columbia on March 22nd after rumors of Coronavirus, going from 90,907 cases to 939,581. Many countries began enacting quarantine policies throughout the entirety of the month. Meanwhile, in North Korea, they set off six different projectiles with little to no information about them.

In April:

     The aftermath of March: everyone was locked away, watching their favorite streaming services, and many schools were on a prolonged spring break. Tiger King also began picking up steam as 64 million households tuned in. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Israel and South Korea held elections and there were three attacks of different types reported.

In May:

     COVID-19 was as rampant as ever. There were protests for different reasons, including the BLM, in response to the death of George Floyd and many others, and Hong Kong protests, opposing a bill initially and now advocating for a democratic reform and continuous Hong Kong autonomy. Statements from the President recommended hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 treatment, WarnerMedia’s streaming service HBO Max releases in the US, the brief disappearance and return of Kim Jong Un after rumors of an alleged surgery that did not actually happen. Another large event this month were the rampant ‘murder hornets’ that appeared in North America, they threaten to kill off honeybees. 

     Near the end of May, a great tragedy happened: Breonna Taylor was shot eight times to death while she was asleep, followed by the filmed killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, resulting in protests near the end of May. An unknown man shot a protester during all of the chaos.

In June:

     Black Lives Matter protests continued and grew exponentially, coronavirus got worse in the US with 2,700,000 cases at this time and shootings were still prevalent. Locusts began swarming India and destroying crops across the entire country. 

In July: 

     The protesting was still as apparent as ever. US representative and activist John Lewis passed, the mayor of Seoul died, two hostage situations occurred, and many other incidents. Oh yeah, and Kanye West endorsed himself as President of the United States.

In August:

     There was the Apple Fire that continually worsened in California, landslides in India, Hurricane Isaias was coming, along with Marco and Laura. In mid-August a man named Jacob S. Blake was shot in the back seven times while his sons were in the backseat. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was announced as the Democratic candidate against President Trump. There was also an ammonium nitrate explosion in Lebanon killing 100 people and leaving 4,000 injured. Near the end of August, actor Chadwick Boseman died of cancer at age 43. Meanwhile, schools are trying to find a way to open up the school during this pandemic.

In September:

     Protests continued, the passing of Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a fire tornado in California, shooting at an Amazon facility and the hard to watch presidential debate. Some good news is that a social deductive game called Among Us unexplainably rises to popularity. 

In October:

     President Trump and many of the administrators caught Coronavirus, Pope Francis backed the LGBTQ+ community and same-sex marriage. Also to add to the bizarreness, US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and US Representative Ilhan Omar streamed Among Us to 440,000 people at its peak. BLM protests were still very evident in the states, the Epstein case came up again in the news, and the election had record-breaking early and mail-in votes.

In November:

     The presidential election started on November 3 and on November 6 Joe Biden was declared President-elect by the Associated Press after tension for what felt like weeks on who was going to win the election, Bolivia also elected a new president. The world remains confusing with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streaming once again with famous streamers, fellow US Representative Ilhan Omar, and Canadian Member of Parliament Jagmeet Singh. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were mainly online due to the pandemic still being prevalent and having a second wave in the US.

In December:

     We are nearing the end of this dreaded year that seemingly has no end in sight. Former New York City mayor and personal lawyer to President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani contracted COVID-19, and US COVID-19 vaccinations are supposed to start soon. Let’s hope that the vaccine comes swiftly and all of this can end, this is not a good year and many would say, the model bad year. Knock on wood it can not get any worse than this.


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