Godzilla Vs Kong: You Get What You Pay For

The blockbuster movie is a great action movie with a not so good plot.

     Godzilla vs. Kong is Warner Brothers’ 4th film in their “monsterverse”, a connected movie universe that features larger than life creatures, commonly referred to as Kaijus or Titans. This is special not only because it is a culmination of the last three films, but also like other films this past year, it was temporarily streaming on HBO Max, but it is still being played in theaters.

     As for the visual effects and fights, they were phenomenal. The entire world is built on VFX (aka visual effects), a combination of computer generated elements in tandem with motion capture suits and other methods to bring fantasy to life. 

     This VFX is exceptional, it does not pull you out of the world for one second. The characterization of Kong was really nice to see as the titans are the real stars of the show and it was nice to see Kong have a story behind him and to actually have feelings behind him.

     Jia (Kaylee Hottle) was portrayed really well and her communication with Kong allowed the viewer to think that Kong was not just a giant fighting monster but a human that has feelings and humanity. However, the characters were one sided and felt more like things to move the plot along rather than be actual characters.

     Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry) was a conspiracy theorist and that was about it. Him, Josh Valentine (Julian Dennison), and Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) were really just there to provide information on what Apex is doing and to find out about MechaGodzilla.

     It was not just them either, the other characters were just there to move the plot along so Godzilla, Kong, and later MechaGodzilla could fight. With this being said, it makes sense that they would hire star-studded actors to play such one-sided characters so the characters were actually interesting.

     The movie is not just assisted by CGI but carried by it. These spectacles are the main reason to watch the movies and the studio could see that; they gave the titans a way to battle, a personality, and a history.

     I was a bit skeptical of the monsterverse at first but it is now clear to see that this franchise is here to stay as an enjoyable movie that is full of action and fun to watch. They were able to fill an entire movie about monsters, with a plot that enhances and showcases the visuals that viewers come to see, and is able to make it entertaining the entire time.
    The movie makes you care for Kong more than just a giant killing machine and makes you not want him to die. I give them props for making a giant monkey with an axe and (somewhat) a giant nuclear lizard something that we can care about. 

     The movie focuses mainly on the combat between the two monsters, which was a great thing to do. Basically, Godzilla Vs Kong is a classic action CGI brawl that is a blast to watch, but if you need a good and logical plot to enjoy a movie this is most definitely not in your ballpark.  However, the main reason to watch the movie is to watch two giant monsters fight each other and that is most definitely what you get.


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Judd Karn
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