Sarah Quiroga & Samuel Romero Castanon 
Staff Writers

“I started in March-April of last year, but that was during shutdown. So, I’m still learning all of diablo traditions,” explained ASB director, Steven Hardy. The Diablo Dispatch asked Mr. Hardy what ASB’s plans were for this year.  

Some events that Mr. Hardy mentioned to look forward to includes pep assemblies, winter formal, and winter prom. There are some activities that are also being provided during school hours. 

Dances such as homecoming, winter formal, and winter prom are happening this year and they welcome all classes. Homecoming’s theme “Hocochella”, and there was a high number of participants at the dance.  “Homecoming obviously had Hocochella… which worked out very, very well.” said Mr. Hardy. Despite Covid and all of its horrors it brought last year, the participation for homecoming was higher than what ASB initially thought. It took ASB a lot of time and discussion to come up with a theme for homecoming’s dance.  

“Our students have definitely shown that they want to be engaged and they want to be active,” Mr. Hardy reported. At the start of the year he was nervous, “because I didn’t know whether students would come back to doing activities,” and fortunately for ASB, students showed interest. Thanks to Diablos’ participation in activities, be it during lunch in the quad, football games, or the dance, ASB will be able to do most of its usual routine this year. Look forward to games going on in the quad which are available to all classes. For October there will be a Halloween themed game at lunch near the last week of the month. 

Mission Viejo’s ASB plans most of the events Diablos get to take part in. In case anyone wants to participate in ASB, they hold elections and interviews towards the end of the year to decide who is qualified. Mr. Hardy’s tip for people who wish to become more connected is, “find the things you want to be involved in, ‘cause sometimes school isn’t always the most exciting thing you want to do in the day”. Everyone has their own interests and likes so finding something you enjoy doing and getting involved in that can help school become a little more exciting. 

 Mr. Hardy and ASB have ideas that they might not be able to include this year. If next year is any better and reaches that sense of “normal” then Mr. Hardy hopes, “… as we go forward, next year we’ll add a couple of new things,”.