Sofia Araujo
Staff Writer

     Mission Viejo High School girls flag football team is an after school assortment of girls playing flag.  It started when the girls had their powderpuff game a few years back; powder puff games are when the girls play flag football and the boys are the cheerleaders. After the powderpuff games, they decided to create a girls flag football league.

     Due to the ongoing pandemic, this team has lost a year,  making the 2021 school year their first official season of flag football. Mission’s league is available for juniors and seniors.. 

     They have had a few games this year, and are considered to be a fall sport. The team is a part of the Matt Leinart Flag Football league, or Females in Flag.  Opening day was on Wednesday, September 29th at the Orange County Great Park. 

     The team consists of  Katie Neilson, Avery Brewster, Hailey Winston, Samantha Woods, Jenae Sperling, Delia Redman, and others. The count of how many games they have won is unclear, but it can be seen that they have won a few and lost some.

      Since the team is not well known, many people do not attend the games. The schedule is posted the day of the games, on their instagram @missiongirlsflagfb, or reposted on the Mission Viejo HS’s football account, @mvhsfootball.

     Some teams in the league include: San Juan Hills High School, Woodbridge, Beckman, University, San Juan, Sierra Vista, and St. Joseph. 

     Matt Leinhart Football, in partnership with Grrridiron Girls and sponsored by Under Armour, was able to present the inaugural girls high school flag football season, and in return the team from MVHS gets to have fun playing against other schools.

     The team however does not count for high school physical education credits, the girls on this team are simply doing it for fun. Many of them also play other sports including soccer, softball, and volleyball. 

     During practice they go over basic throwing drills. Throwing to one person and throwing back. They usually practice after school due to the fact that many of the girls have other sports going on.