Halloween Costume Inspiration!

Jim Marsoobian
Staff Writer

It’s spooky season, and it’s time to decide what you’re going to dress up as!

Credit: Netflix

     It’s that time of year again: the cinnamon in the air, leaves on the ground, sweaters, pumpkins everywhere you look. With Halloween shortly approaching, it’s good to have a plan for spooky celebrations. 

      And what’s more important than a Halloween costume? Nothing. Nothing is more important.

     This year was filled with all sorts of new media, ranging from the lovable WandaVision to the edge-of-your-seat Squid Game, which means there’s a wide range of character-inspired costumes. 

    There’s always the classic route: dressing up as a cat or ghost and spicing it up with a personal touch. Whatever your style, there’s a perfect Halloween costume for you. 

    There’s no shortage of ideas this season, and if you were searching for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

    For the cinema and television fans out there, this was a good year. 

    You could always go with a retro Wanda Maximoff- and all that’s needed is a vintage dress and lots of hair spray. Or Loki, which can be achieved through a simple tan suit with a TVA label ironed onto it. 

    And of course, the larger-than-life villain that is Cruella; the looks are endless for this costume. For a bold look, grab some makeup from the drugstore and attach newspapers (or garbage, if you’re willing enough!) to a dress. 

    If you want a costume that’s sure to be recognized, a player in Squid Game would be fun and easy to achieve. Just go online and buy a green tracksuit and glue a number onto it. Easy as 1-2-3 (or should I say 4-5-6?) 

    Of course, if something spooky is more your style, a vampire from What We Do in the Shadows is a go (fake blood is a must!).

    If pop culture isn’t exactly your forte, there’s plenty of options. Perhaps the trendy ghost with sunglasses or a simple black get-up with cat makeup. 

    A zombie is also an easy costume because all you need is some makeup (and amazing dance moves for when Thriller comes on!). With a black dress and a resting witch face, you can achieve a costume that will leave your friends “witching” they look as cool as you!

    Celebrity fanatics also have a lot of material to work with this year. There is Harry Styles’ iconic Grammy’s look. The Bernie Sanders in mittens meme. Lady Gaga in any of her iconic outfits. And of course, how could you forget Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala? Or, for that matter, anyone who attended the Met Gala.

    For trick-or-treating and partying with your BFF or your partner, duo costumes are a must! There’s the infamous rap duo from Saturday Night Live, with Pete Davidson and Timothee Chalamet, which would definitely be a hit. 

    A cute couple’s idea would be Morticia and Gomez Addams from The Addams Family or Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Going as a cute pair of frogs is also an amazing costume idea to do with a loved one. Steve and Robin’s “Scoop’s Ahoy” outfits from Stranger Things are an adorable way to match with your best friend, and you and your S.O. are sure to have a blast dressed as everyone’s favorite anti-heroes: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

     Overall, this Halloween is bound to be fun, and I hope everyone has a fabulous time!


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Jim Marsoobian
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