The School Food is Free, But How Good Is It?

Rebekah Choi
Staff Writer

The bell rings, and classes are dismissed;, as the mentally drained students are starving and ready for something to eat, they immediately rush to the snacks area for their daily treats. 

     At Mission Viejo High School, students are provided with delicious, and highly rewarding free food at the break between classes.

         Most reviews from a variety of students claim that they mostly look forward to the part of the day where snacks are provided just for them.  

     Some students’ comments on the food are, “I really like how they just have snacks ready for us.” and, “I really like their burrito things!” Some enjoy it so much that they go as far to say, “they’re wonderful, they’re tasty, and they’re free!”

     The snacks that are provided during break include Bosco sticks, muffins, fruits, milk, juice, and more; not only are these snacks delicious, but they are also free of charge, another bonus. 

     The food that goes out the most quickly is the Bosco sticks. Bosco sticks are these little pizza sticks with cheese and tomato sauce in the middle. Of course, since most people enjoy pizza, this would probably be most students’ go-to snack to grab, leading to the cause of it going out super fast. 

     The next are juices. The free food station mostly offers a variety of juices such as apple juice or any fruit juice. Always a popular choice and a nice pair to go with something to eat. So it’s a great way to get a refreshing boost of energy for your next class. 

     Muffins are next. Muffins are usually blueberry muffins that are served chilled. Although not the most common choice for most students, a simple muffin is a good way to get those carbohydrates in and stay focused and full during the remainder of school. 

     Milk is also served as an option for snacks, the choices are regular or chocolate milk. It gets students replenished and ready after a long class period. 

     Of course, we need some healthy options when it comes to snacks. So there are always crisp apple slices waiting. A stimulating way to get the brain running again. There are alot more foods offered, but let’s stick to the most common ones. 

     All of these snacks are enjoyable, but with the majority of students trying to get snacks at the same time it’s hard to get what you are aiming for, especially Bosco sticks. 

     Most students’ go-to snacks are the Bosco sticks, with a little cheesy pizza roll wrapped up in a burrito, who would blame them. However, due to the high demand, to get these snacks you better move fast.

     MVHS students’ free snacks are really what they look forward to after classes. It’s what gets students excited for break. It also brings students together and helps friends catch up and get to know what’s going on. So a great snack makes happy students which creates a happy and great school.



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