“Halloween Kills”: Go or No?

Shahyan Pour Teimour
Staff Writer

With a budget of $20 million, a release date set for October 15, 2021, and the 12th movie of the franchise, director David Gordon Green has delivered another thrilling, yet comedic Halloween movie.

Credit: Poster via Universal Pictures

     Out of the 12 movies, actress Jamie Lee Curtis has returned for her 7th edition of Halloween, playing character Laurie Strode. Other characters include James Jude Courtney as Michael Myers, Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle, and Judy Greer as Karen Nelson.

     Similar to prior movies in the franchise, there is little plot to this movie; however, Laurie Strode is a stand-by character, compared to her earlier roles of the protagonist.      

     Continuing sheer minutes after the first Halloween movie of David Gordon Green’s reboot trilogy, Michael has somehow survived the house fire that ended “Halloween” (2018). With this continuation, it allowed the director to immediately jump into action without the need of background development.

     Some could argue that the movie is a flatline of events, with no rising action or climax. Others will disagree. 

    The main buildup of events is when Michael goes around to different houses murdering people, as he has always done. The climax is when Judy Greer, played by Karen Nelson, lures Michael out.

     In terms of creativity, the directors haven’t gone with anything too new. Same Michael Myers outfit, except for the burnt mask. Same music, same setting. Even though these elements are all the same, it never ceases to amaze the audience, including me, when watching.

     As for the tone of the movie, it has differed from its first of the franchise back in 1978. The movies started off as very serious, dark, and creepy. Not to say that it is not serious and dark, but the directors, intentional or not, have managed to turn the movie into an almost comedic fashion.

     With moments that will make you question the character’s thought process, or just the sheer brutalness of Michael Myers, you will be laughing at one point during the movie.

     I couldn’t recommend this movie for all groups and people, because not everyone would like it. I could only recommend this to certain groups. 

     The first group I would recommend this to would be people that like gory movies. If you love movies where the antagonist is covered in blood at all times, then this is definitely the movie for you.

     The other group that I would recommend this movie to are people that like horror movies with some humor in it. Like I’ve mentioned before, Halloween Kills is a thriller with so much killing and impractical actions that you will find it funny.

     If you were to ask someone if they believe that the writer of Halloween Kills did their job successfully, I would almost guarantee they would say yes. 

     Halloween Kills isn’t necessarily a movie that has a powerful theme or  a definite plot. But that’s not what the fanbase expects or wants. They want classic Halloween about Michael Myers and what he does best. Killing.


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