Samuel Romero
Staff Writer

Credit: Paradise Donuts And Deli

     During lunch, some students don’t know where to go to eat. This sparks a problem since students only have 40 minutes to eat and some of them can’t afford to be late since they might have a strict teacher.

     So for indecisive people reading this, here are some places to go to during or after school.  

     Quiet, spacious, and delicious are some words to describe TK burgers during lunchtime. TK is a bit more money but still a great recommendation.

     It’s a Hawaiian-themed establishment, with its ceiling full of album covers from the ’70s and the ’80s and its Tiki resembling high chairs. The restaurant also has indoor and outdoor dining options.  (quote) 

     Paradise donuts and deli has a lot of options, all for a reasonable price. They have so many options such as breakfast and lunch styles. 

     They also have different assortments of drinks from bottled beverages to smoothies and shakes. Not only do they have different options, but they also have donuts, and who doesn’t love donuts. (quote)        

     “Taco Bell is a bit more for broke people or people trying to save money. Though it doesn’t prevent them from having an appetizing selection.”

     This fast-food establishment will not fulfill your five-star expectations but it will surpass your one-star expectations. (quote)   

     Although they’re all great places to eat, no place is better than eating food at home, if it’s close enough.