Are the Hallmark Movies Worth Watching?

Soheil Khatib Ghavami & Rebekah Choi
Staff Writers

Credit: Vogue


     Many people know what Hallmark movies are, those cringe Christmas movies that have the most cheesy romance in them that seem so cliche that it hurts, but it still hits close to home when it comes to comfort.

     Hallmark movies are mostly played during the holiday season, but if they aren’t worth watching, why do so many people know them? Well it’s mostly because Hallmark movies have some sort of way that just lets people know that it’s time for the holidays, and to go grab your pajamas and hot cocoa because it’s time to binge watch these movies. 

     If you didn’t know, Hallmark movies are known for their infamous corny romance movies, which often focus on a middle-aged woman who is either widowed or divorced who finds a handsome middle aged, humble man and somehow finds romance with her after a few days. Then the man connects with the woman’s children and they live happily ever after and vice versa.

     Although each one of us knows how every new movie goes, Hallmark movies just have a way that makes people connect so well with each other whether it be old or new movies. It just helps people come together whether it be friends or family to sit down and enjoy company with each other and talk about the movies and fawn over the unrealistic characters and romance.

     Even while having a hard time making a decision on what to watch, you can always settle for a Hallmark movie because it has that feeling of familiarity where you know that you can enjoy yourself. When scrolling through movies on a platform where you’ve watched absolutely everything on there, it’s good to choose one that you know.

     If you don’t enjoy the overall Hallmark movie ideas, it could always be there for a quick laugh if you find the amount of inconvenience and second hand embarrassment that go on in these movies. The excessive amount of expression that goes into one small scene, or the over exaggeration over something that is supposed to be the most amazing thing ever when really it’s not that impressive at all can make anyone laugh.

     Hallmark movies in spite of the fact that the plot can get repetitive, it has that unusual ability to send positive feelings to the audience. It could be that  sense of nostalgia and comfort people get when they know that Hallmark movies will always start and end the same way that they want it to.

     Having a Hallmark movie on is just the ideal way to spend the holiday season with your family, friends, or even strangers at a random holiday party. It can be to spend more time with the people you love, looking for a familiar movie to watch during the holidays, or just trying to find that sense of comfort that you need and get through Hallmark movies, so even despite Hallmark movies over the top acting and impractical plots, they are still definitely worth watching.


There has been a recent debate over the very famous Christmas movie series Hallmark. There are many family Christmas movies for that time of year, when you want to just be cozy and watch a movie.  

But then the question arises, are the Hallmark movies worth watching? They aren’t. To begin with there are many flaws in the ways that you can watch them. They are not available on normal cable tv. 

That is not the only issue though as they aren’t available on netflix or other popular streaming services. They are only available on amazon prime video and fubotv. This is a problem however and we’ll get into why.

It is a problem because fubotv requires a subscription of around 65 dollars a month which is very expensive to purchase just to be able to watch one series of movies. Also, on amazon prime video each movie is $9.99 just to rent which is a very absurd price.

Now that the price issues are out of the way we can get into the actual movies. Are they worth such hefty prices? No they are absolutely not. They are very generic Christmas movies that cost way more than others. There are many free movies on cable tv and on Netflix that are actually better than the Hallmark movies.

After watching a few of the movies it is very easy to get bored of the sort of repetitive scripts. Each movie seems like the last but with a little twist just to make it different. Some argue that it is better to watch single Christmas movies and just watch a new one after.

Many agree to save your money to go watch movies in the theaters with your friends and family and it will probably come out to around the same price as one or two Hallmark movies. 

But don’t misunderstand this article, we aren’t calling the Hallmark movies bad movies, we’re just arguing whether they are worth your investment of time and big amounts of money. They are fun to watch once in a while with family and friends but become boring after one or two. 

In conclusion the Hallmark movies have a lot more cons than pros. Therefore we do not recommend you to spend your time or money watching this series. There are too many reasons not to watch this series other than to watch it. 

Here is a list of movies you can watch instead:

  1. The Christmas Chronicles series
  2. Christmas with the Kranks
  3. The Grinch
  4. Klaus
  5. The Polar Express
  6. A California Christmas
  7. Christmas on Square 
  8. Santa Buddies Series
  9. The Knight Before Christmas
  10. Daddy’s Home 2 


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