MVHS Football Finishes Strong Season as League Champs

Eja Fromm
Co-Editor In Chief

The Diablos fought hard this past football season as they ultimately ended with an impressive 9-2 record. 


     It is no secret that Mission Viejo High School is known for their well renowned Division 1 football program. The Diablos fought hard this season as they made it into the first round of Division 1 CIF playoffs, and were first in the South Coast League.   

     Their first game of the season was truly a debut of the success they were bound to achieve. The Diablos faced Apple Valley and pulled off a victorious win against them with the final score being 44-21.

     The team had a booming crowd to support them for their first game after playing with restrictions the previous season due to the pandemic. The Inferno showed up strong and definitely brought the hype to support the boys on the field. 

     Their second game was an away game against Servite. Servite lost in the final round of Division 1 Championships for CIF against Mater Dei. Unfortunately, the Diablos lost against Servite with a final score of 44-7. 

     Their next away game was versus Long Beach Poly. The highly anticipated game was no challenge for the team as the scoreboard revealed another win: 41-14. 

     The following week, the boys challenged Alemany High School. Mission showed up and dominated once again with the final score being 30-7.

     Finally, the Diablos got to play their second home game against Leuzinger High Score. The Inferno showed up and were LOUD. Leuzinger was no challenge for Mission as they pulled through with a final score of 55-14. 

     The following week was another home game against Sierra Canyon. The Inferno memed against the school that Lebron James’ son attends by making posters asking, “Where’s Bronny at?” Once again, the Diablos were victorious as the scoreboard revealed 27-10, in favor of the Inferno. 

     The next week was a close game agai

nst Helix High School. Helix was fierce and brought the fire against the Diablos. However, Mission secured another dub with the final score being 38-21. 

     Tesoro was the next game against the boys. The long time rival was no challenge for the Diablos. Yet again, they gained another win as they blew out the Titans with a score of 45-3.

     The following away game was versus local opponent, San Juan Hills High School. The Stallions were no match against the Diablos as they defeated them 42-22.

     The final league game was against a rival team, San Clemente High School. The Tritons unfortunately beat Mission the two previous seasons, but Mission was prepared and not about to let that happen again. 

     There was a lot of anticipation leading up to this game. The San Clemente “Loud Crowd” created a great deal of animosity with the Inferno, but simply didn’t live up to the hype that they intended. Mission absolutely shut them down as the scoreboard shined 45-0. 

     The football team’s current score was 9 wins and 1 loss. This secured them a ticket to CIF Division 1 playoffs. 

     The team had two weeks to prepare for the first round of the playoffs. They were bound to play Centennial High School. According to MaxPreps, Centennial is ranked the 3rd best football team in California and 14th on a national level. Mission is ranked 6th for California. 

     The boys anticipated this to be a tough game, and they fought hard against the Huskies. Sadly, the 2021 football season came to an end, and Mission lost 62-16. 

     Overall, the Diablos football team had a strong season. Their hard work and dedication paid off on the field. Go Diablos!


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