The Boys Are Back: Boys Basketball

Sofia Araujo & Jason Hatfield
Staff Writers

Boys Basketball is back and are ready to be better than ever.


     Moe Golshani is the Mission Viejo High School head boys basketball coach. He is a husband and a father to two girls. This is his first year coaching at Mission Viejo High School, and previously he has worked with teams inside of the NVO basketball club.

     He has coached since 1999 so for 22 years, which means that he has lots of coaching experience.

     In an interview with Golshani when asked if he was excited to coach for the MVHS basketball team he says “Extremely excited about the opportunity to lead the DIABLOS boys basketball program”.

     Golshani’s philosophy for coaching is to “NEVER Compromise toughness and effort”. He says that “we would not step on the court if we did not believe we could win!” He believes that the teams will have a great season and will continue to give it their all on the court.

      Besides talent Golshani was also looking for “selfless players that will lay it all on the line for the team”. So not only do the players on the teams have talent but they also have selfless attitudes which will ultimately lead them to their wins. 

     “I spent last season at Fallbrook HS in north SD county. Prior to that I spent 5 years at Bishop Manogue Catholic HS in Reno NV. State runner up in 2018 and state final four run in 2019”, was Golshani’s response to where he coached prior to Mission. 

     When asked who he thinks the biggest competitor will be this year he responded with “Our league is tough and we have limited varsity experience so I think every game will have different challenges”. There is no definite rival but the season has just begun and we will see how it continues. 

     Lastly, when asked what he tells the players to give them motivation he says “we ask them to play for one and other! Our slogan is STRENGTH IN FAMILY, We are always better together”. He believes that playing together and for one another will lead them to their victory. 

     The Mission Viejo High School basketball program consists of three teams, varsity, junior varsity, and freshman. 

     The varsity team consists of Isaiah Tolmaire #0, Ryan Miller #1, Alec Delgado #2, Trae Tolmaire #3, Jake Higgins #4, Isaiah Palmer #5, Zach Smail #10, Jake Andrade #13, Robby Andrade #15, Alexander Frost #21, Josh Hewitt #23, Connor Dagarin #24, Ethan Brown #30, Campbell Brown #33, and Jason Hatfield #44.

     The jv team includes Mikey #0, Luka P. #1, Caden Delgado #2, Caden #3, Tyson Ford #5, Shane Huttenhoff #10, Brandon S. #15, Collin Hambel #20, Nathaniel T. #23, Brayden Brooks #24, Jessie Randolph #35, Isaiah Carrasco #42, Andrew Camerena #44, and Yi Hui Zhang #50. 

     And the newest team, the freshman team, is made up of Madoc #1, Potter Baldwin #2, Vincent Ramirez #4, Luke R. #5, Adrian Garnica #10, Shea O’Neill #11, Mark P. #12, Owen Berg #13, Ryan Somo #22, Brady Farzley #25, Kenny Dutwiler #32, Rowen Weiss #34, and Bo Clark #40. 

    Basketball is a winter sport, and it is a sixth period.

     They have had a few games and are yet to have their first home game, which looking at it will be January 5th, 2022, playing against Tesoro. This is for jv and for freshman basketball, their first home game will be the same day at 4:00 against Tesoro.  

     Mission Viejo High school  hosted the “Diablo Inferno” tournament. This is for the varsity teams and began on November 29,2021 and ended on December 4th. This tournament included  Mission Viejo High School , Fairmont Prep, Beckman, CVC, San Juan Hills, El Toro, Fountain Valley, Arroyo Grande, Carlsbad, and Valley Christian. The diablos did not win the tournament but were 3-5 and will continue to get better every day! The winners of the tournament were Fairmont prep. Though the diablos did not win it was only their first tournament this season and there are many more games to go.You can find game dates and updates on the team on the basketball instagram, @mvdiablobasketball.  Make sure to support your Mission Viejo freshman, junior varsity, and varsity basketball teams this season. Go Diablos! 


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