No, a New Year is not a new you


     “New Year, new me,” that’s the first lie everyone tells themselves. Albeit this happens every single year; the cause of it all– is the new year. The time where everyone celebrates when a piece of floating rock does a full cycle around a ball of hot gas. With weird holidays comes weird traditions; the most famous of all being New Year Resolutions. People often set new year resolutions such as not eating as much junk food only to find out they spent $56.78 on it a month later. Once they feel bad about themselves they end up spiraling into an abyss of bad habits.

     Either that happens or people abandon their resolutions and keep doing what they said they wouldn’t do anymore. Resolutions don’t help the majority of people because people are either too lazy to keep track of their goals or they have a horrible memory which causes their resolution to be like an on and off relationship. 

     Another reason why they don’t work is that people usually use extremely general goals. This includes being healthier or working out more but in reality, that doesn’t help at all. This is because being healthier could mean no food from this one place, going to sleep earlier, or even eating a salad once in a while. There are just too many factors to keep track of at once. New Year’s resolutions don’t work at all since the majority of people will never be specific enough to even accomplish their year goal.     

     Other times people have goals, but most of these goals are just popular goals and not goals that they would want to do. It’s like taking someone who plays basketball and making them practice for soccer,  it just doesn’t make sense and ends up being a disaster. 

    Without any sense of desire, a person has no reason to feel obligated to fulfill “their” so-called goals.

     Not only do people lack in detail but also in motivation. Everyone gets it at some point- where they just want to be on their phone, sleeping, or watching TV.  Though most of the time, people stay in these slumps and that doesn’t help them have success unless their goal is to be a professional couch potato. 

    The most common example would be studying to get better grades because most people don’t want to study and instead want to hang out with friends or whatever they do in their free time. Not that socializing is bad or anything, there are plenty of people who probably need to work on it a bit more, but if it gets to the point where they stray from their goals because of it then it doesn’t exactly help.

     Most people who have common sense don’t even care about resolutions and usually pay no mind to even think about making one. Most of their New Year resolutions end up being something they could finish in a week at most. Just because resolutions can work doesn’t mean that they do work for the majority of people.


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