COVID-19 update

Sofia Araujo
Sports Editor

Covid-19 still at large, taking the world by storm, once again…

     Covid has taken a toll on our world as we know it. And with multiple cases being reported daily, A steady stream of panic has dispersed itself throughout the world. 

     Case wise, we are averaging 43,532 daily. Covid cases are rising quickly and rapidly. Just this January there were 10.8 million unvaccinated deaths in California alone. Death rates are at a total of 120 daily in California with 80,539 total. 

     Mask mandates are being lifted with many people fighting for mask removal. At the moment, four states plan to lift their mask mandates: Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey and Oregon. Although the CDC still recommends mask wearing indoors many people around the world are protesting the mask mandates.

     With plentiful vaccines and dropping case numbers, a growing portion of the U.S. population has decided to simply live with the coronavirus and move on.

     The coronavirus is said to complete its time as a disease like the flu, It will probably never go away, but there are ways to prevent it if you choose to. 

     In other news regarding the coronavirus, the new variant, Omicron, is said to have infected deer in New York. White-tailed deer on Staten Island were found carrying the highly transmissible Omicron variant of the coronavirus, marking the first time the variant has been reported in wild animals. This is very big news; we have not seen this before on any wild animal. 

     The Omicron variant is said to be way more contagious than the original COVID-19. It has infected millions worldwide making cases skyrocket. 

     With many people still unvaccinated, cases continue to rise and deaths have also risen. A brief look at a chart of covid cases last month we can see a huge increase of unvaccinated people receiving the highly contagious variant. 

     Though there is still a high number of unvaccinated people, many people are choosing to get vaccinated. This is a plus because it is lowering the numbers of deaths and cases as much as it can.

     There are, as of today, over 212 million vaccinated people throughout the United States. With it being more than half of our population, 64.4%.

     California is the leader of the pack with, as of today, over 8,627,403 cases. The United States also still has the highest number of contracted victims in comparison to any other country. 

     March 13th, 2022 will mark the two year anniversary of mask wearing and the time as we know it as “when the whole world shut down”. Almost two years later and this virus is still beating our world.

     The coronavirus is still at large but day by day numbers are decreasing. Some days numbers are higher than others but there are also days when numbers are extremely low. With the world now there is hope of beating this virus.


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