Lights, Camera, WOFO

Jim Marsoobian
Staff Writer

MVHS has a fun Winter Formal planned for the end of February, so here are some of the details.

Credit: OC Parks

Well, there are a lot of things happening at our high school, including the soon-approaching 2022 MVHS Winter Formal. The event will be taking place on Saturday, February 26th at the MVHS campus, and the dress code is semi-formal. It will also start at 7 PM.
Tickets will be up for sale on Monday, February 7th, and will be available in the campus Student Store, as well as the online Web Store. A discount on the tickets will be given to those who have an ASB card. An ID card is needed to purchase the tickets, and also for admission into the dance. However, free tickets will be given out to those who have the most-liked picture on the @mvhs.proposal account on Instagram, where students send in photos of their proposals.

→tip from the writer: I’ve noticed that the most-liked Instagram photos tend to be funny. So when you’re about to propose to that person you’ve had your eye on, think of something that will make them laugh! Chances are, it will make the Instagram population of our school laugh, too.

After much anticipation, the mysterious Winter Formal theme was finally revealed. The theme for this year’s winter formal is “Lights, Camera, WOFO.” The Hollywood-inspired theme was revealed in a video posted on the @mvhs.asb Instagram account when some of the ASB students went to Los Angeles for the big reveal.
“What in the world am I supposed to wear to a “Lights, Camera, WOFO” dance?” you may be wondering. Well, this theme actually allows for a lot of creativity in your attire. For a Hollywood look, go for something bold and outrageous. Maybe wear something with sparkles and shine, or something with stars (get it? stars? lol). Colorful suits and ties, shiny jewelry, bright, sparkly dresses… trust me, there are options out there.

→tip from the writer: Wearing something red-carpet-ready is a must, but make sure you’re also comfortable in your outfit (especially those shoes!). When I went to the Homecoming dance, I got these beautiful black heels and they made me super tall. But when I got there, I had to take them off and my friend ended up carrying them in his pocket the whole night. Wear comfy shoes, please, you’ll thank me later.

There’s also dinner to consider. Going on a romantic dinner with your date before the dance is a high school tradition. But as teenagers, it’s hard to find somewhere nice that doesn’t leave you broke afterward. So, some of the best pre-Winter Formal dinner options are, in my opinion, Cheesecake Factory, Avila’s El Ranchito, California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, and Sushi Ramen House. And of course, you could go to In-n-Out, because that’s what a hamburger’s all about.

→tip from the writer: For you fellow vegetarians and vegans who always struggle with eating out and ordering from restaurants, try Veggie Grill! Their totally vegan menu has a ton of delicious options, and your meat-eating friends will probably enjoy it, too.

Overall, this Winter Formal should be pretty fun. Whether going with a date, a friend, or alone, I hope you have an amazing time!


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