Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Yes.

Samuel Romero
Staff Editor

Hurting hearts, wallets, and relationships since day one

     Every single year it happens. The day where stores sell overpriced flowers and sugar chalk hearts that tell you what to say.

    The day where people don’t want to pay full price on a stuffed animal and buy $1 chocolate. Yes, the day where people shove their tongues down each other’s throats- the dreadful Valentine’s Day. 

     People usually look forward to this day with their heart shaped balloons and cheap scented cologne but let’s be honest, the day itself is very overrated.

     Call me the grinch of Valentine’s Day but It’s literally like the who-villes during Christmas. People just buy, buy, buy and throw it away the next week. 

    They buy stuff and supposedly it’s romantic, but what’s the difference between buying it on that day and any other day of the year. Just so that they can put it on their story and brag about what their partner got them. Especially at school. It’s not practical.

     Yeah, I get it, you love your partner very much but just because you love them doesn’t mean you need to buy these huge balloons acting like you’re in a parade. 

     Speaking of, people turn a day about love and affection into a competition about who can show off the most. Its mostly things about who got the most expensive things, or who made a reservation into that one restaurant that has a very long wait time with dishes you can’t even pronounce correctly. 

     I’ve witnessed people competing over whose boyfriend got better things or what they did that was ”better” than the other person. Then people start complaining that their ”significant” other didn’t get them this one thing and it makes you wonder what the point of Valentine’s Day is supposed to show. 

     Another problem that this day has, the pressure to find a valentine. Everywhere I go I’m reminded about it. I’ll be watching TV, listening to the radio, or even at the store, and I will see or hear ads promoting getting a valentines and what to get them.

     It’s even worse if you go to school because even the schools pressure you into finding a valentine, and if it’s not the school then it’s the students that pressure you. The amount of times that I’ve heard people talking about getting a valentine, has gotten to the point where it’s annoying hearing about it. 

   The worst thing about this day though, would have to be the proposals. The amount of people that have a nice dinner then have the ring hidden somewhere and propose to their significant other is the most annoying thing ever. 

     I wouldn’t be surprised if there hasn’t been a situation where there were more than three people proposing at the same restaurant. If you think about it, these people are putting their knees on where people’s shoes walk on and who knows where their shoes have been. 

    What if they get rejected, then what? You’ve just humiliated yourself in front of a bunch of people.The people who don’t get rejected when proposing on Valentine’s Day, I’m happy for them, but don’t be surprised if your “special” anniversary is being shared with hundreds of other couples. 

    How hard is it for people to be original instead of feeding into society’s low standards of proposing. Just shows how overrated it is if lots of people think it’s a good idea to propose on that day.

    So the next time you get excited about getting cheap chocolates and wilted flowers on Valentine’s Day, think about if you and your partner fit in any of the categories. If you do, then you need to rethink your life choices.


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