Things I Shouldn’t See on Valentines’ Day

Sarah Quiroga
Staff Writer

Credit: Getty Images

      The one day of year where it is socially acceptable to stalk your crush with anonymous notes and letters: Valentines’ Day. Here’s the thing, it’s not bad to be lovey-dovey with your significant other. Showing off the person you love to the world is of course something that some people want to do, but honestly not many people really care. 

      Valentines’ Day is meant to be shared with the person(s) you love, and shouldn’t be used to flaunt the person(s). A healthy amount is good but I don’t think the goal is to try to show off but to spend time and appreciate the person. If that person feels appreciated by being shown off then that’s fine, but the priority should be loving the people around you and being reminded of the special people in your life. Now here are some things that I should not see on Valentines’ Day.

Valentines’ Day isn’t the problem itself- it’s the people who pretend to be in love for the sake of public views. It’s not the affection that I’m against, it is the annoying people who haven’t experienced love being in relationships for the sake of trying to pretend to be in love. Casual relationships may appeal to some people, but Valentines’ Day is meant to commemorate and celebrate those who have gone through thick and thin together. If you fall into the latter category then congrats to you, I respect you so I apologize if I somehow insult you with the following Valentines’ Day pet peeves of mine.

Many students have fallen victim to the random and inconvenient displays of affection that highschool students tend to display. A couple’s PDA has nothing to do with me and no one will care as long as they don’t do it at such an unreasonable moment- especially in the middle of the halls when people are just getting out of class. If I had a nickel for every time I ran into a couple who stopped right in front of me to hug I would have two- it is not a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice. Perhaps I only say this due to my biases against high school relationships, but this is an opinion article so screw your opinion mine is the one you’re actually reading.

Love letters aren’t the vibe anymore, I’m sorry. The idea of someone I don’t even know, haven’t interacted with, never talked to– trying to profess their feelings for me via a paper note isn’t something I would consider romantic. If anything I would get creeped out, especially since I don’t have many close guy friends. Not that anyone does, but if you like me then say it to my face! Like what’s the worst thing I say to you? No? Ok well then that means you have all the Valentines’ Day discounted chocolate to console you. Win-win for everyone.

Oh, and another thing I should not see on Valentines’ Day- Christmas lights. This is dedicated to that one neighbor down the street who still has yet to put down their light-up snowman and Christmas lights still hanging on their garage. What are you doing? Why? You’ve had two months to take down your lights and you still sit proudly on your porch. Humble yourself and take down those dang decorations. Respectfully.


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