Candace Ducusin
Staff Writer

     With the month of February being around, it seems that more high school couples arise. The schools take advantage and set up grams and goodies for a price most students can afford. Yet a week after, their relationship“ is in shambles. 

     Of course, this is normal for teens, who should be doing their math homework and studying for their tests, to have relationships at this age. Nonetheless, the relationships are horrible and overrated. 

     Not to sound like the grinch who’s upset others are happy but these relationships seem like a waste of time. While the average relationships last about a year, high school relationships usually last a couple of weeks. 

     Now usually this happening once or twice isn’t a big deal, short relationships are bound to happen sometimes. However this is like a weekly thing for high schoolers seeking a relationship. This may be because they just felt pressured to have a relationship at this time. 

      With many students believing this is the right time to date, others may feel the need to do so too. And thus, creates a cycle of relationships that’s overall not worth it. 

     Another reason these relationships are down right horrendous is that the high schooler now focuses on their relationship instead of their studies.  This isn’t necessarily bad until their grades drop. At this point school is just a giant dating area. 

     While focusing on the relationship, the high schooler might miss hanging out with friends. With their significant other, their time is sacred and usually is spent with them instead. That would then distance the student from their friends, missing out on their teenage experiences. 

     Although this can sound hopeless, these types of relationships just don’t last after the school years. People don’t usually think about what they would do after graduation and don’t picture what their partner wants to do. While in highschool, you can very easily say that the students are not mature enough at the time to do so. 

     Studies show that only two percent of high school relationships make it to marriage. And this doesn’t include the chance of divorce. But don’t have your hopes up, keep speed dating your way into a good relationship until you find the right one.